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Rapper Willie D explains why he thinks Michael Jordan is a 'b***h': "The dude has a well-documented history of shiting on people"

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Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest, basketball players who ever walked this planet. However, basketball fans are also aware that his personality was, in some regards, quite the opposite. In the recent documentary 'The Last Dance, 'we were able to see a different side of Jordan that might not be so pleasant. Jordan was portrayed as a competitive psychopath who was willing to confront and even fight everyone who stood in his way of achieving his goals.

In a recent interview for VladTV, rapper Willie D talks about Jordan and the lack of appreciation for him because of the nature of his character. Willie D describes Jordan as a selfish person who often neglects others and has zero sympathies, which most people possess to a certain degree. Willie D doesn't underestimate Jordan as a basketball player, saying he is the best player he ever saw, but as a human being, he failed in that space multiple times throughout his life. According to Willie D, people should be judged by their actions and how they treat people, rather than what profession they are in or how much money they make.

He is a lot of things, but the bottom line is that the dude is selfish. If you look at the way he moves, yeah, he is a great basketball player. I have always said he is the greatest basketball player I have ever seen play, but as a human being, that's what concerns me. I'm more concerned with what type of person a person is than what they do for a living, what their title is.

Willie D, via VladTV

Willie D explains that Jordan has a history of being an awful person, and he even admitted that before the documentary came out. Fans that followed the Chicago Bulls and Jordan carefully throughout the years know that there were numerous stories before the documentary was even released that supported Willie D's claim of Jordan poorly treating people close to him.

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Jordan has a history of being an as***le. I heard he said that the documentary will make him look bad. These are his words. I say to that, he doesn't need a documentary to make him look bad. He has handled that throughout his life all by himself. The dude has a well-documented history of shiting on people, both close to him and from a distance.

Willie D, via VladTV

One of Willie D's main issues when it comes to Jordan is that he is a perfect example of a person who only cares about profit and nothing else. That could be correctly seen through his Jordan brand and sneakers that extremely expensive and cause people to kill other people for his shoes. Jordan was often spotlighted for not caring more about the African-American community and using his influence for the right causes.

Willie D believes every man has the right to spend his hard-earned money any way he sees fit, but when you are so influential, and people look up to you, the way they do to Jordan, his actions should have been much louder when it came to specific issues. Even though Jordan recently came out with a statement condemning the activities that happened after the George Floyd incident, his voice wasn't often heard, mostly because he wasn't interested in the matter. Willie D believes profit should never mean more than one person's life, and in his mind, Jordan always showed a completely different way of thinking when it came to these issues.

"I come back to what is more important, life or profit, money, or life."

Willie D, via VladTV

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