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Proof that LeBron James is a more consistent scorer than Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar combined

LeBron James

here’s proof that James indeed is one of the all-time greats in terms of scoring and consistency.

One of the many criticisms LeBron James faced in his career is that he’s not a legit scorer. However, here’s proof that James indeed is one of the all-time greats in terms of scoring and consistency. So let’s end the debate here: The King is a scorer first before he is a passer. 

James has more 25-point average seasons than Wilt and Kareem

In his 19th season in the league, LeBron is averaging 28.9 points per game. At 37 years old, it’s astounding he still plays at this level. Compared to two all-time scoring greats the NBA has seen, Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James has more than 25 points per game average in a season than the two combined.

Wilt and Kareem are no ordinary stars either. Chamberlain is the only player to get 100 points in a single game in the history of the NBA and scored 31,419 points in his entire career. Meanwhile, Kareem sits at the top of the all-time points scored list at 38,387, while LeBron can take over that spot this year or the next. 

If James stays healthy, he is on track to record averaging at least 25 points for a whole season for 18 straight years. Even if Wilt and Kareem combined their 25-point average seasons, James would still be ahead. Chamberlain had eight 25-point seasons in his 14-year career, while Kareem recorded 10 25 ppg seasons in his career that spanned two decades.

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Proof that James is a scorer first before a facilitator 

Let’s end the debate here: James is a legit scorer first before being a facilitator. Talks of him not being a gifted scorer are all rubbish. As a point forward who moves and controls the game as a point guard, James’ scoring abilities are not being given enough credit. 

He is the only player who has a legit chance of taking over Abdul-Jabbar’s throne in the scoring list. And the Lakers star is doing it consistently. Averaging 25 points per game for almost two decades shows his dedication to his craft, taking care of his body, and learning more to add to what he can bring on the floor every year. No one has ever stopped James from averaging 25 points per game in the last 17 years straight, despite the analytics, injuries, and Father Time calling. 

He gets ridiculed for passing winning-game shots in favor of wide-open teammates, but he gets praised when he gets triple-doubles. He may have trouble making 3-points shots or free throws consistently in his career, but James remains one of the most lethal players when finishing at the rim. LeBron is not the microwave type of scorer that gets hot and streaky, although he has shown that he could do it if he wanted to.

When all-time great scores are mentioned, the usual suspects are Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Kareem, Wilt, and Kevin Durant. It’s time to put James in that conversation. 

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