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Philadelphia 76ers may bring back the black jerseys Allen Iverson made famous

It has been reported that the Sixers could bring back their iconic black and red threads in the future for their alternative uniforms.
Allen Iverson wearing the iconic 76ers black jersey that the organisation might bring back

Allen Iverson

The Philadelphia 76ers’ most popular jerseys in franchise history are arguably the black-themed ones that many associate with no other than Allen Iverson.

Their whole black jerseys with the pinch of the color red and blue on the logo remain unique to the Sixers organization and its fans because not only did Iverson wear this colorway during his 2000-2001 MVP campaign, but it was also part of their journey in the 2001 NBA Finals.

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Running it back 15 years after

As the NBA gears up for the 2022-2023 season, there have been numerous leaks about the classic and throwback jerseys that each team could be sporting this season and in the following years. It has been reported that the Sixers could bring back their iconic black and red threads in the future for their alternative uniforms.

“I would be ecstatic,” said Tom O’Grady, who designed the jerseys 25 years ago when he was the NBA’s creative director, as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I think the fans would be happy. I think it would be good. It doesn’t have to be the dominant uniform, but maybe for Saturday games or special games. It wouldn’t feel forced. They had a run, they went to the Finals in that uniform. It’s not foreign to the Philly fans,” added O’Grady.

“They won’t be worn next season to coincide with the 25th anniversary as the Sixers are not one of the teams authorized by the league to wear a throwback — or “classic” — uniform in 2022-23. But it’s safe to assume that the black uniforms are in the conversation to be worn as alternates the next time the Sixers are allowed to do so.”

Types of NBA jerseys explained.

Last season, NBA teams wore a total of 123 different uniforms. Each team had four distinct jerseys: association, icon, statement, and city. Only groups like the New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, and Boston Celtics had their corresponding classic editions.

Theoretically, the Sixers can only bring back their classic black uniforms for occasional use. It could pass as their “classic” or “iconic jersey.” But nevertheless, Sixers fans will still be pleased to see their favorite jerseys brought back once again, and this time worn by Joel Embiid, the new modern face of Sixers basketball. 


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