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“People don’t wanna hear that old, dried up, tired stuff that you talking about” -- Draymond Green rips Skip Bayless

The idea of Draymond Green's "new media" movement is to lessen the power of the Steven A. Smiths and Skip Baylesses of the world
Draymond Green calls out Skip Bayless in the latest "new media" rant

Draymond Green rips Skip Bayless

After winning his fourth championship, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is spending his offseason going back and forth with a couple of NBA analysts on his podcast platform called "The Draymond Green show." Just two days ago, Green called out ESPN's Kendrick Perkins as an "idiot" and "moron" for acting like a know-it-all on TV. This time, he's targeting no other than Fox Sports' Skip Bayless.

New media versus real media

Since Green started podcasting this season, he's been extremely passionate about his "new media" movement. The idea of his "new media" movement is to lessen the power of the Steven A. Smiths and Skip Baylesses of the world — who make their paychecks with their provocative hot basketball takes.

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Like many basketball fans, Green wants to change the landscape of NBA media by encouraging former players (well, except maybe Perkins) to share their well-experienced knowledge about the game instead of the hot takes several NBA analysts like Bayless get away with these days.

As expected, Bayles didn't take Green's words lightly, so the analyst fired back by telling the outspoken Warriors forward that he and his colleagues are considered the "Real media" because, after all, they were the first ones to inhabit the space. But of course, Green didn't let Bayless' words pass just like that and, this time, was the one to call the Fox Sports analyst his latest podcast episode.

"You come out talking about the new media, that you not the new media, you the real media. You are the real media, you right. You've attached your name to a black man for all of these years and that black man is none other than King James, LeBron James himself. You try to tear him down as much as you can all these years.So you're right, you are the real media. You are exactly who I speak of when I say 'this is the new media. We do this differently.' You right, I'm happy you admitted it. But the new media is here to stay and we taking this thing over. You know why? Because people don't wanna hear that old, dried up, tired stuff that you talking about. Nobody wanna hear that no more," Green said.

A never-ending back-and-forth affair

Expect Green and Bayless' exchange to go on for a long time, especially if no one wants to show up on the other's podcast. People are aware that Skip Bayless' number one trick is to get the player's attention, respond to the player's reaction, and invite him to his show. 

Knowing Green, he probably knows this and won't give Skip the grace of his presence. However, it's likely that Green won't back down from Bayless and will probably keep utilizing his podcast to take shots at the analyst. 

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