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Patrick Beverley goes off on Stephen A. Smith: "You need to be drug tested. Get off the weed man!"

Pat Bev with another hilarious ESPN apperance
Stephen A. Smith and Patrick Beverly

Stephen A. Smith and Patrick Beverly

The James Harden trade to the Philadelphia 76ers was an exciting move, but the season didn't really pan out as expected for Philly. Harden was a shell of himself when it mattered the most, and it raised the question if "The Beard" is worth the supermax contract. Stephen A. Smith certainly doesn't believe so, and Harden's former teammate Patrick Beverly called him out for it in a hilarious way.

"Stay off the weed man!"

Stephen A. Smith is known for many hilarious and original catchphrases, but one of his most notorious ones is saying: 'Stay off the weed!' when someone is doing something irrational or against his beliefs.

Well, ESPN had Patrick Beverley on the other day, as he is one of the rare players that can match Stephen A.'s energy. While talking about James Harden and his deservingness of the max contract extension, Smith passionately explained why he doesn't deserve it due to his poor playoff performance.

As Harden's former teammate, Beverley decided to step into his defense and clown Stephen A. with his own catchphrase.

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"Do they drug test on this show? You need to be drug tested man. Stay off the weed. Give that brother(James Harden) his flowers man.That man deserves the max."

Patrick Beverly, ESPN

Beverley maybe won't be remembered as one of the great players, but he could become a superstar after his playing career if decides to become a TV persona. Hilarious and direct, Beverley doesn't shy away from telling how he feels and bashing whoever he doesn't like.

Does Harden still have it?

For years James Harden was considered the best offensive player in the NBA, but with age and injuries, his game has slowed down drastically. At 32 years old, Harden is looking washed. Shying away from the moment in the playoffs and deferring to Embiid and Maxey was just one of many playoffs burnouts "The Beard" has endured in his career.

Those constant failures and drop-offs raise the question if Philly should really extend Harden for five years and cash out. When you see how Harden is treating his body, it's not too surprising that his drop-off is happening sooner than expected. Although the stats are good, averaging 21.0 ppg, 7.1 rpg, and 10.5 apg for the Sixers, you can't say it's much more than plain empty numbers.

The athletic ability, clutchness, and longevity are all huge flaws in Harden's game, and it's hard to justify giving him a five-year max. If he is falling off at 32 years old, you can only imagine what being stuck with him in his late 30s' would be like. Beverley is defending his friend, but realistically Stephen A. is correct in this instance.

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