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"Our 2017 team would've beaten these Bulls by a dub" — Draymond Green believes the 2017 Warriors are better than the 1998 Bulls

Draymond being confident as always.
2017 Warriors and 1998 Bulls

2017 Warriors and 1998 Bulls

The NBA off-season may be in full effect, but Draymond Green is making sure he stays in the headlines and gives us something to talk about with his 'new media' takes. The latest edition is regarding a comparison between some of the best teams in NBA history in, the 2017 Golden State Warriors and the 1998 Chicago Bulls, in which, of course, Draymond took his own team.

Different eras

Draymond seems to have a lot of free time on his hands, and he decided to rewatch the 1998 Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. And coming out of it, Draymond concluded his 2017 Warriors team is superior to both of those teams.

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Naturally, that ruffled some feathers and sparked conversations. Disrespecting Stockton's & Malone's Jazz like that even came into the second plan because a lot of people are still making a case for the Bulls to be better than the Warriors teams.

Last year, Draymond's teammate, Stephen Curry, said a similar type of thing, saying those 2017 Warriors would win in six games. Back then, we went by the positions and analyzed the matchup, concluding this would be a battle of the ages. But determining who would come on top is practically impossible.

As Draymond said, it's hard to compare teams from different eras due to the change in pace and the way the game is being played. But he just made himself eat his own words by saying that, as his conclusion that the 2017 Warriors would beat those teams is meaningless by that logic.

Of course, a lot of people in the NBA world reacted, most notably former NBA player and ESPN analyst Richard Jefferson that actually played against that Warriors team in the Finals.

RJ brought Draymond back to Earth a bit, but being a media personality, he understands that Green is probably trying to make a few more headlines and give the sports shows something to talk about the following week. That could surely be the case, but knowing Draymond and how much he raves about himself and his teams, there is no doubt that he is picking the Warriors ahead of any team in NBA history.

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