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"You’re not Mike, you’re not Bird, you’re not Reggie Miller. That’s not your game."-Olden Polynice rips Scottie Pippen's trash-talking skills

Polynice has a problem with Pippen for having the guts to call out this generation's players especially given that he feels Pippen wasn't a tough trash talker when he played.
Olden Polynice on Scottie Pippen

Olden Polynice on Scottie Pippen

Just two weeks ago, Olden Polynice was on record declaring that Michael Jordan would've been a completely different player had he dropped his bad habits, specifically smoking, alcohol, and addiction to junk food. Once again, Polynice has some unpleasant things to say again, but this time regarding Scottie Pippen, who he implied was one of the fake tough opponents he encountered on the court.

Scottie Pippen wasn't an alpha.

According to Polynice, who the Chicago Bulls traded for the rights to acquire Pippen in the 1987 NBA Draft, Pippen was never a smooth trash talker on the court as he often pretended to be like Jordan, Larry Bird, and Reggie Miller. Polynice believes that Pippen's trash talk didn't hold the same weight before and feels that the 6-time champion has turned into a hypocrite for continuing to do it as an NBA analyst today.

"But Scottie, you know, he tried to trash-talk, but it wasn't coming out the same, you know what I'm saying. It just wasn't quite right. And, so, I'm like, 'Dude, just let it go, man. You're not Mike, you're not Bird, you're not Reggie Miller. That's not your game. That's not your thing.'… But I see now, he's all about it now," Polynice said in his appearance on NBA insider Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson's podcast.

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Pippen, who entered the NBA media scene a few years ago, was a regular guest analyst for ESPN'S The Jump, a show once hosted by Rachel Nichols. The show eventually deceased in 2021, but Pippen still appears on some NBA talk shows every now and then when his service is needed.

Polynice said that Pippen is even more of a hypocrite on TV.

Polynice, who played 19 years in the NBA, feels that Pippen has become even worst of a trash talker now that he's on TV when he shares his thoughts about the NBA today. The former NBA player has a problem with Pippen for having the guts to call out this generation's players especially given that he feels Pippen wasn't a tough trash-talker when he played. Safe to assume that Polynice isn't a fan of how Pippen has approached his media career so far.

In retrospect, Polynice's randomly throwing shade on Jordan and Pippen recently might prove that he's still very much bitter about being traded by the Bulls in 1987 — especially knowing how much success Chicago accomplished after dealing Polynice to the Seattle Supersonics.

Sure, everyone has the right to share their opinions about how a former NBA player turned analyst does his job but to bring up Pippen's past and call him a hypocrite for doing what a normal ESPN sports analyst does? It sure does seem like Polynice hasn't moved on from his beef with Pippen.

Ultimately, Jordan and Pippen will probably never respond to Polynice's subtle jabs, but it sure would make fun entertainment if both parties exchanged a word or two once again — just like old times.

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