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Nets vs Sixers - What can we expect from today's game and why Kyrie is the X factor

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The Brooklyn Nets are one of the hottest teams in the NBA at the moment, and it seems things have been going their way lately despite the fact they are struggling with injuries all season long. After a slow start to the season, the Nets are currently second in a very competitive eastern conference, only one game behind the leading Philadelphia 76ers, a team they are playing against tomorrow for the first place in the conference. 

Even though the Nets have James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving on the same squad with a great supporting cast to back them up, they still haven't had many games in which all of them played together. Irving played the most games this season out of their three superstars and shows why he is one of the NBA's best offensive players. 

Averaging a bit less than 28 points per game, Irving has one of the best seasons in his career, showing incredible maturity and sheer will to dominate every defender. There have been plenty of times this season when Irving impressed everyone with his ball-handling and some of the shots he was making. Kyrie is truly a marvel and an absolute magician with basketball. Even though he was receiving a lot of criticism, primarily for his off-the-court antics, Irving is so far performing on a level we haven't seen from him in a few years.

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The Nets face the Sixers, another team that is a pleasant surprise this season, with the dynamic duo of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons leading the way. Embiid is the leading MVP candidate this season, putting up almost 30 points per game to go along with 11 rebounds. Simmons solidified himself as one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA and is a candidate for the DPOY award if he stays healthy. On top of that, the Sixers have a great supporting cast that complements Embiid and Simmons perfectly and, after a few disappointing seasons, are a legitimate title contender. It all adds up to Philly being as big as a seven-point favorites at home tonight to the next best team in the East.

Even though the Sixers have a lot of talent and are a great team, the Nets, when healthy, have too much firepower and great players in every single position, making them almost unstoppable. In today's game, we can anticipate Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to take off, and even though the Sixers have players that can potentially slow them down, it's hard to expect they can stop both Durant and Irving. In an NBA game, it's all about the matchups, and even though the Sixers are a great defensive team, the Nets have too many options to use to their advantage. Kyrie Irving will go to work tonight, and if Durant plays well, the Nets will be in a good position to overtake the first position in the east.

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