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NBA writer shuts down the hype-train: Kyrie Irving is not on Steph Curry’s level

Tim Bontemps backed up his argument with reasons which may be hard for Kyrie Irving's fans to accept.
NBA writer breaks down why Kyrie Irving is not on Steph Curry's level

According to NBA writer, Tim Bontemps Kyrie Irving is not on Steph Curry's level

Is Kyrie Irving underrated or overrated? For NBA writer Tim Bontemps, Irving should not be regarded as high as some of his fans claim him to be. He made some interesting points and some choice words in a podcast recently.

Stop the hype

Those wondering what right he has in making such ridiculous statements, especially for the Irving stans, Bontemps holds a degree in journalism and has been covering the NBA for The Washington Post since 2015. The NBA writer made a guest appearance on "The Hoop Collective" podcast and argued that Irving is not what everyone pictures him as a player.

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"We're gonna talk about Kyrie Irving the player. People act like Kyrie the player is Stephen Curry. I don't understand it, I really don't. The guy has never gotten an MVP vote, has never gotten a first-team All-NBA vote. He's made 2nd team All-NBA one time. He's made 3 All-NBA teams in his career. And he's always hurt. He hit one of the greatest shots in playoff history, no question. He is an unbelievably talented scorer. People act like he is Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant Like he's on the same level as Kevin Durant."

Tim also mentioned how Ky negatively affected the teams he played for before. In Cleveland Cavaliers, it was a disaster until LeBron James returned. In Boston Celtics, where Irving had a solid supporting cast around him, he unceremoniously left to play for the Brooklyn Nets. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, we all know what happened after he refused to take the vaccine.

Kyrie is good at basketball but has questionable leadership

To some extent, Tim Bontemp’s arguments are all valid. Irving is a future Hall of Famer as a basketball player, no doubt. But is he on the same level as Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant? Based on skills, Irving is up there with the greatest, but as a leader, there are still some question marks that need to be answered.

His controversial take on the vaccination and his belief that the Earth is round is head-scratching. Although he is free to believe and say what he aligns to, as a basketball player, he holds a platform that is looked up to by many young guys who aspire to be like him someday.

Irving is a good basketball player, but he is not on the same level as Curry or KD, at least for Bontemps. Many fans would react to this take, not only because it is ridiculous but also because it has some level of truth in it. 

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