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NBA prospect hyped as the 'Next Kevin Durant' has one major difference from the real KD

Let’s say Bates really evolved into a KD-like player, there’s one aspect in which they will never be the same
Here's why Emoni Bates will never be Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Emoni Bates

Hate it or love it, we are now living in the internet era, and social media plays a massive role in our everyday lives. The same applies to the sporting world as we can be sure almost all the young athletes nowadays think that social media has become somewhat of a necessity. However, not for Memphis Tigers forward Emoni Bates.

Emoni is not having it with social media

Unlike other youngsters his age, Bates is far from the usual as he surprisingly never enjoyed social media. Indeed, it was hard to believe, but Bates has an acceptable reason behind it.

Apparently, he’s easily affected by the negative things people who have no idea who he really says about him, and social media as the channel made everything conducive for them. He’s not having any of that.

“I don’t like social media,” Bates told Stadium last year. “I get on there once in a while. I delete it — I try not to get on there and stay away from it. The things people say definitely affect me. People don’t really know me. If people knew who I really was, I don’t think they’d be saying some of the things they say.”

“Outside of basketball, people live real lives, they go through things,” he added. “People deal with the stuff they don’t talk about that you might not know. On the court, you don’t know what might be happening. I’ll tell them, ‘Don’t bash a person so much that they break.’ People have feelings, and you should watch out for people’s feelings.”

The Next Kevin Durant?

Surely, that already makes Bates a unique person, but what’s even more interesting is that he is already being hyped as the “Next Kevin Durant.”

At 6-foot-9, with a relatively slim physique, Bates definitely has a few notable similarities with KD. As for basketball skills, it’s a bit too early to say as he had just finished his freshman year with the Tigers. However, the mark he left on YPSI Prep Academy lifted the lid on the bold comparisons with the NBA superstar.

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While it’s still quite farfetched in terms of playing style, Bates’ numbers at YPSI Prep Academy somewhat resembled that of Durant, having registered 24.6 points and 6.6 rebounds per game.

The real KD is a complete opposite

If Bates could hone his game in the next couple of years, and if he would really push for it, we won’t be surprised if he wound up becoming the new Kevin Durant. However, let’s say Bates really evolved into a KD-like player, there’s one aspect in which they will never be the same- their take on social media.

If the future Durant dislikes everything about social media, the real KD is the complete opposite. Unbeknown to some, Durant’s hands are often on the phone.

The two-time NBA champion is well aware of his habit, and he even once admitted that he was “getting addicted to it.” Durant said that he had to pause from using social media a bit at one point as the trolls had reached the point where his everyday life and on-court performances were already affected.

“I got off Twitter and Instagram because I was getting addicted to it,” Durant told Fortune 2018. “It was part of my everyday routine to a point where I was letting whatever I’d seen affect me on a day-to-day basis. I was getting upset about a comment or what someone said. It was really affecting my day. I wasn’t the same person.”

“I took a couple of weeks off, not even looking at posts or comments, and I just felt so free,” he revealed. “I felt like this was the real world.”

Some, especially his fans, have long been aware that Durant is not letting anything slide whenever he’s online on his social media accounts. As time passed, KD became known in the league as the only NBA superstar who always sees to it that he reads everything written about him and responds to every comment from random people.

In December last year, Durant finally addressed the issue.

“We are amongst all of these NBA writers. A lot of these dudes be cool in front of you and then go back and write how they really feel about you,” the four-time NBA scoring champ said. “Y'all keep the conversation going, but I'm still paying attention and when I wanna poke out, I'm gonna do it."

Experts predict that Bates will likely be included in the crop of talented youngsters heading into the NBA draft next year. As for whether he could really become the Kevin Durant of his generation, only time could tell. But regarding their views on social media, it’s safe to say that the pair is nothing alike, at least at the moment.


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