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NBA is introducing a new concept - mid-season tournament

Adam Silver

The NBA is constantly changing as a league trying to find new ways to increase its revenue and viewership. Their new initiative is to increase their television deals to $75 billion. To do that, the NBA is trying to implement an initiative for a mid-season tournament. 

According to Sidelinesources, the current TV deal with WarnerMedia and Disney is worth around $24 billion. That deal was signed before the 2016/17 season, and it expires after the 2024/25 season. That means the NBA is looking to triple its TV revenue in the upcoming years, which will be the largest TV deal of all major sports leagues.

Therefore the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced initial plans for a mid-season tournament that would happen during the NBA season. The inspiration comes from the cup competitions that are a traditional form of competition in every country in Europe, both in basketball and football. The additional audience those tournaments would bring is the main cornerstone for the increase in the value of the TV contract.

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There will be several rewards at the tournament that might be an excellent incentive for the players and teams to compete hard and give fans exciting basketball. These are the following mid-season tournament awards:

  • 8 team tournament with three single-elimination rounds
  • Winning players each get $1 Million rewards
  • WNBA will pilot the concept with a $500K prize pool.
  • Google and Amazon will sponsor the WNBA mid-season tournament.

It will be interesting to see how this idea sits with the players and coaches. Players already stressed out on several occasions how they think playing 82 games is too much, and they are looking for every opportunity to rest or spend time with their families. However, this concept of the mid-season tournament might spark a great interest from the players, and if they see the value in it, we'll definitely see some good basketball, just like we did in the play-in tournament.

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