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NBA Executives believe Bronny James will make the NBA solely because of his dad

Apparently, Bronny is not an NBA prospect, but LeBron will make it happen thanks to his status.
Bronny will have the challenging task of living up to the name LeBron James Jr.

Bronny will have the challenging task of living up to the name LeBron James Jr.

We all have been closely following how LeBron James's son Bronny has been slowly becoming a serious basketball prospect over the past few years and monitoring if there is any of dad's talent in his game. Obviously, Bronny Jr. is already a baller at 17 years old and highly popular due to his dad but does that necessarily mean he is an NBA prospect. Certain executives around the league would agree.

LeBron and Bronny toegether?

The whole thing about Bronny being an NBA player really started trending over the All-Star weekend when LeBron himself said that he would go wherever his son gets drafted in order to play just one season alongside him. It would be a crazy sight to see the first dad & son combo in the history of the NBA, but naturally, everyone had a few questions.

Will LeBron last to his 40s was less of a concern considering his athletic ability and performance so far this season. But people looked at Bronny and wondered: 'Hmm, is he really this good, or are we putting him on a pedestal thanks to his dad? While many would say that the 6'3" point guard has a nice all-around game, nothing spectacular jumps off the page when you see him.

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LeBron bringing Bronny's stock up?

The name James Jr. on his back brings much more value to him than his actual skillset. That is why some executives around the league would say he is going to get picked whenever he declares to the Draft solely because of his dad.

"He(Bronny) won't be eligible for the NBA until the 2024 draft and, based on my own checking with various teams, Bronny wouldn't be a draft candidate that quickly — based on where he is as a player today — without the nudge he's getting from Dad, who will turn 40 during the 2024-25 season. As one Eastern Conference personnel voice tried to gently put it: "I don't think he'd be a one-and-done player if he wasn't LeBron's son."

Marc Stein, The Stein Line

Bronny James will be eligible to enter the 2024 Draft, which would be after only one season in college. One-and-done players are usually the biggest stars of the Draft and the guys with the most potential, and based on all leaderboards of the class, Bronny is nowhere near that group. Getting picked in the second round is much more of a realistic expectation at that point --  Mark Cuban said he wouldn't be the guy to burn a draft pick on him even in the second round.

Maybe we are being a bit harsh on the kid, but his father is unconsciously putting high expectations on him. At only 17 years old, Bronny is obviously super talented, but judging if he's even an NBA player, let alone star potential level, will take time.  

Knowing how much of a show the NBA is, I don't doubt that LeBron and Bronny will spend one season in the most random NBA team, bringing a spotlight wherever they go. It will be fun to watch for sure.

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