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NBA agents are not sold on Kyrie Irving and the Nets

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There was a lot of hype surrounding the Brooklyn Nets after it was announced they signed both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to their roster. Adding these two superstars makes the Nets a serious contender on top of the players' existing core group. However, this team still has many questions about their new head coach, which Steve Nash will have to address when the training camp starts.

One of the potential issues this team might have is the behavior of Kyrie Irving, who is, according to several agents, a ticking time bomb, and an unreliable player teams can't build a stable team around. In a survey The Athletic did with several NBA agents, there is a notion they all agree that Irving might be problematic because of his previous stint with the Boston Celtics that was described as 'rocky'. 

I think KD, if he's healthy, is the best offensive player, and I buy Nash. But I give Kyrie two months before he's a malcontent. So, no," 

NBA Agent, via The Athletic

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The majority of agents believe Durant will be a deciding factor in the Nets' potential success, which cannot be said for Irving. 

It's an impossibility. Kevin Durant is probably the best player in the NBA, but Kyrie Irving is a total loose cannon, and he's not doing anything to show us anything but that right now,"

NBA Agent, via The Athletic

One agent even made a very interesting comparison saying Irving is the new Stephon Marbury, who fell off track after several great seasons in the league. Like Irving, Marbury always had his share of disagreements with every team he played for, which eventually cost him his NBA career. 

I hate to comment on people I don't really know, but Kyrie is entering his Stephon Marbury phase. You can see it. It's there. Basketball is not a priority for him."

NBA Agent, via The Athletic

It will be interesting to see if Nash will have enough authority and knowledge to make it work with players like Irving and Durant, who, despite being great players, are sometimes hard to coach according to different sources around the league. The Nets have all the ingredients to impact the NBA immediately and potentially win a championship. Still, we've seen even greater teams implode, mostly because of team chemistry or injuries. 


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