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MLB LEGEND KEN GRIFFEY JR. TALKS ABOUT JORDAN'S competitive edge: "You've always heard about the intensity

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MLB legend and HOF, Ken Griffey Jr. made a guest appearance on 'All The Smoke' podcast where he talked about several things from his illustrious career. Apart from being a baseball legend, Griffey is also a big basketball fan, and his rise to fame came in about the same time as Michael Jordan. Griffey watched the latest documentary about the Chicago Bulls dynasty 'The Last Dance' with his family, and one of the most significant takes was the competitive nature of Jordan and willingness to do whatever it takes to win.

Griffey said it was none other than his wife, who said that the competitive nature they saw in Jordan on the documentary is the same trait he had during his career.

I would watch it with my kids and my wife, and she would start laughing. She goes 'that sound just like you, that intensity is you'.

Ken Griffey Jr, via All The Smoke

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Throughout his career, Griffey was able to meet Jordan, an avid baseball fan and player himself. Ever since they've met, there were stories about his extreme competitiveness, and everything that was portrayed in the documentary is something only a close circle of people knew before. Griffey believes these things never go away, not even when a player retires, and the best example is Jordan did equally good after his basketball career. He became a successful businessman who now owns an NBA team, and his competitiveness is one of the reasons for that success.

I've known Mike for 25 plus years, but you've always heard about the intensity, and now you see it a bit more. You see him now after playing, owning a team. He still got that competitive edge, but he is not as fiery as you saw back then.

Ken Griffey Jr, via All The Smoke

Like a real, respective athlete, Griffey shares his appreciation for the game of basketball and what the league has done to promote its players in the best possible way. NBA has done a great job in giving a large platform to all the players who are now the most recognizable athletes in the world.

"Basketball has done a lot for culture, and we, as other sports have to follow it because there are some great minds in basketball for marketing their players."

Ken Griffey Jr, via All The Smoke

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