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MJ donates $2 million of The Last Dance proceeds to Feeding America


Michael Jordan was supposed to make $3-4 million for taking part in The Last Dance documentary series. But instead of banking it, MJ decided to donate his entire share of the proceeds to charitable causes.

He started by donating $2 million to Feeding America - a nationwide hunger-relief charity - to help feed the hungry through what Michael described as "challenging times in a year of unimaginable difficulty" due to pandemic.

Thus Jordan offered some certainty to the ones who fear the suspense of both short term and long term consequences of the globally unprecedented situation. While they're waiting for the situation to unfold, more Americans have been turning to Feeding America's food banks for help. As a result, 80% of the nation’s food banks are serving more people than they were ahead of the holiday a year ago, according to the nonprofit.

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Jordan, a North Carolina native, said the money would go to food banks in the Carolinas and Chicago. This is coming after MJ donated $100 million to help "ensuring racial equality, social justice and greater access to education," while also making a $7 million donation to Novant, in an attempt to create health equity for the people of Charlotte.

Jordan's philanthropic efforts also include giving $2 million to help with Hurricane Florence recovery efforts in North Carolina, $1 million to relief efforts in the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, while also giving away over $3 million for causes related to education, hunger, wellness, and the military, since becoming the majority owner of the Hornets.

He really is a billion-dollar athlete with a billion-dollar heart.

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