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Miles Bridges is fed up with Draymond Green, wants to dunk on him

Miles Bridges

Bridges hopes to put Draymond on a poster

Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges has built a reputation as one of the fiercest dunkers in the league today. He's the favorite recipient of LaMelo Ball, as they've connected on some pretty nasty alley-oops. Bridges, who some believe could be an All-Star this season, can posterize foes without Ball's assistance. Just ask Clint Capela, who almost saw his life flashing before him in the summer after getting spiked on by Bridges after a solid drive to the hoop.

Bridges is thrilled whenever this type of opportunity arises. Whenever there's an open lane, the goal is not just to score two points. The ultimate mission is to catch a body. However, when the Hornets face the Golden State Warriors, Bridges does not even come close to this little quest. That's because Draymond Green is moving heaven and earth to prevent Bridges from even touching the rim. This has irritated Bridges so much that he has placed Green on his dunk hitlist.

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"One person I really want to get is Draymond because he continues to talk stuff to me. Every time he sees me going for a dunk, he tries to foul me," Bridges, NBA on ESPN.

For Green fans, you already know that the man is one of the best defenders in the league. So it makes sense that he won't let the other team get easy baskets. He does not care if Bridges' dunks are pure entertainment. Green may not be able to get up there to block Bridges. And so the commonsensical solution is to stop Bridges before he gets up in the air. 

Though Bridges was all smiles when he placed a bull's eye on Green, he also sounded dead serious. This little rivalry reminds us of Michael Jordan and Dikembe Mutombo in the 90s. Mutombo reminded Jordan that he hasn't dunked on him ever. Jordan, as always, took it personally. When he finally slammed one down on Mt. Mutombo, MJ rubbed salt on the wound by pulling out the finger-wag taunt.

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