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MICHAEL WILBON ONCE DELIVERED A LETTER FROM A NUN TO JORDAN: "That was so absurd I know you are not making this up"

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ESPN commentator, former sportswriter, and columnist for the Washington Post Michael Wilbon made a guest appearance on SportsCenter. Wilbon talked about the documentary The Last Dance and how, despite the fact he already has all ten episodes, he will wait until tonight to watch it with his son. Wilbon has been covering the Bulls game for multiple years and developed a close relationship with Jordan throughout those years, which resulted in a lot of exciting stories.

Wilbon was able to witness the massive popularity Jordan had throughout the years and how people of all backgrounds admired him and wanted to get close to him as much as possible. Wilbon remembers a specific story when he was on a plane, and there was a nun sitting right beside him. After starting a conversation and telling her he was going to meet with Jordan for an interview, nun immediately started to write a letter for Jordan.

"She writes a letter, and she puts it in an envelope, seals it, and puts her name on it, looks at me and says I need you to give this to him tonight when you see him."

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Wilbon said he usually doesn't ask for favors from players, especially Michael Jordan, because it's not professional. He made an exception in this specific case, and when he told Jordan what happened on the plane, he was also surprised, so he accepted the letter. Wilbon said he never knew what the actual content of the message, or whether Jordan ever had the time to read it because he was receiving thousands of similar letters during the '90s.

"I went up to Michael, and I said sorry, you know I never asked you for anything personal, but I have to give you this. It's a letter from a nun. He said that was so absurd I know you are not making this up. I gave it to him, and I never asked him if he ever read it or what it said. I just handed it to him, and I left."

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