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Michael Rappaport shares why LeBron James will never be like Michael Jordan: 'It all has to do with his antics on the floor'

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Actor and comedian Michael Rappaport is an avid NBA fan who is frequently seen talking about basketball and the players we have in the league today. Just like any other regular NBA fan, he also has an opinion about the never-ending debate on who is better between the two legends, Michael Jordan and LeBron James. What usually happens when people debate these things is that there isn't a lot of common ground and agreement on both players' greatness and what they brought to the game.

Opinion on who is better is based on personal preferences, and in an interview for VladTV, Rappaport said that there is no question Jordan is that guy for him. Even though he respects LeBron, he can't get over the fact LeBron had more antics in his career that made many people dislike him. It all started with him going to Miami to play with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade for Rappaport.

Obviously, LeBron is one of the best. He may or may not be better than Kobe Bryant, but who the f**k knows. He definitely ain't better than Michael Jordan. It has less to do with his play and more to do with antics, whether it's creating the Big Three and leaving Cleveland and going to Miami. Never being in a dunk contest or being one of the best players ever with the wackest sneakers ever. Unfollowing the Cavaliers when he played for the Cavaliers on some Gwyneth Paltrow uncoupling s**t. So for me, it has less to do with how great he is as a player because obviously, he is great and more to do with his antics.

Michael Rappaport, via VladTV

Even though he is critical of LeBron's actions on the court, just like many others before him, he salutes for everything LeBron is doing off the court. Speaking his voice against social and racial injustice and his effort to put young kids through school are actions that speak louder than words. LeBron is a true hero because it seems like he cares about those issues and is not afraid to speak out and take action if necessary.

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As a star, as a spokesperson for the NBA, he's done a lot better in handling that. He's spoken out on so many different things, spoken about some many issues. In my opinion, he's been dealing with being a celebrity better. Mike, in his tenure while he was playing he never spoke about anything, and LeBron has been very outspoken on social and political issues. At the end of the day, that is the biggest reason he will never be like Mike. He shouldn't never used number 23 and should have created his own thing, his own lane, and does his own thing.

Michael Rappaport, via VladTV

Having respect for both players while appreciating everything they've done for the game is pretty reasonable, no matter if you prefer one over the other. In Rappaport's case, LeBron's behavior on the court was so much different than Jordan's, which in his eyes sets them apart.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for both of them, but I think LeBron's bullshit on the court, monopolizing players to create super teams that is always going to be associated with his legacy.

Michael Rappaport, via VladTV

Rappaport stressed out these types of arguments out our completely valis, especially since he says he views this as a fan and not an analyst who usually base their opinion on stats and numbers. It also doesn't matter if LeBron wins the same amount of championships as Jordan because it also counts what type of journey players had to get those titles. In LeBron's case, it will always be a notion he won most of them teaming up with additional 2-3 superstars, which wasn't a case with Jordan and the Bulls during their championship runs.


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