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59-year-old Michael Jordan would still beat LeBron James, according to Skip Bayless

A troll in a suit, Skip Bayless knows what he said is absurd. We know it too. Yet, he's as popular as ever.

John Bayless, or ‘Skip Bayless’ as he did legally change his name, is a walking and breathing gimmick. A troll in a suit who makes $8 million a year to come up with new reasons to hate LeBron James. Now he’s taken that delusion to a point where he is flat out lying, and everyone knows it. Despite that fact, it’s just clear why we all love him through all his smoke. And no, I’m not even going to dignify the lunacy of discussing if a 59-year old Michael Jordan could hang with a 37-year old LeBron.

What Skip said

Michael Jordan looked great. Looked like, to my eyes, he can still play even though he turned 59 years of age on February 17th,” said Bayless on The Skip Bayless Show.

I still believe, if LeBron had dared to approach Michael after the game, kid him about being old, I believe Michael will say, ‘OK, how about you and I, let’s go out there once the arena has emptied. Let’s go. You and I. One-on-one. Right here, right now’,” Skip continued.

“Could Michael hold up? Going on 60 against LeBron at 37? LeBron’s showing his age. He can’t carry a team anymore. My head says no. Michael couldn’t hold up against LeBron in a one-on-one right now… I still believe that Michael Jeffrey Jordan, would even now, figure a way to beat LeBron just on sheer killer will. I don’t think LeBron has it. Michael just spits it.”

Skip Bayless, The Skip Bayless Show

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Skip, please stop

We all understand what Skip is doing - exploiting the sheer gravity and tribal instinct of baiting certain groups of people into an emotional response. Or, in other words, trolling. This drive to provoke only became as volatile and large-scale with the creation of social media. So think of Skip like the first pimp in history. He capitalized on a human compulsion, made a boatload of money, and looks like he hasn’t slept in a week despite the fancy suit.

But while pitting sports heads against one another, playing the ‘soft-card’ whenever anyone younger than him calls him out or downright lying through his teeth to the world, the sports media world does get a little dimmer. Trolling is funny, but trolls are not. 

Nothing is more toxic than a comments section on any mildly famous social media post. Nowhere is this more apparent than in sports. And nowhere in sports is this more embodied than through Bayless. You’re damn right. I just insinuated that Skip (or at least his social media profiles) is the mecca of toxicity on this planet...

Why is this fun?

Like watching your favorite WWE heel grab the microphone or an amateur video of a real-life freakout in the middle of Wendy’s. It edges you to the front of your seats as you think, ‘oh crap what’s going to happen next.’

So whether right or wrong, the market dictates he is wanted. Sure it can and has gotten out of line, like when he blasts young men for sharing their struggles with depression, for instance. But people don’t watch Skip for an impartial take that keeps everybody happy. And they most certainly don’t watch him for an X’s and O’s breakdown of sports. This weakness of Skip is most highlighted in this famous clip.

But when Bayless goes, someone will immediately take his place. My best bets include Patrick Beverley, Trisha Patyas, Lance Armstrong, and the guy behind the last eight NBA 2K commercials. Either way, we’re always going to watch.

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