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Michael Jordan proves he’s a great teammate, sends Scott Williams UNC merch ahead of Final Four

Apparently, Michael Jordan still values the relationship he has for his former teammates after Scott Williams received Jordan UNC merch.
Michael Jordan proves he’s a great teammate, sends Scott Williams UNC merch ahead of Final Four

Michael Jordan still keeps a close relationship with his former teammate

Some have painted Michael Jordan as a bad teammate, but his latest gesture proved he's still one of the best teammates one could wish for. Scott Williams, former Chicago Bulls teammate and fellow University of North Carolina alumnus, asked MJ a favor and The GOAT obliged.

MJ sends former teammate Jordan UNC merch

Scott Williams played for the University of North Carolina from 1986 to 1990. He just missed being teammates with MJ in college by two years. Meanwhile, they played together in Chicago from 1990 to 1993 and won three championships. It's obvious the bond between them is greater than just being teammates. So when Williams decided to support his alma mater in the Final Four, he needed some merch for him and his family. Fortunately, he knew who to ask.

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In a series of tweets, Scott revealed that he asked MJ for some Jordan UNC merch and the 6-time champion delivered. The manner that Jordan replied indicated that he still values their Tar Heels roots.

He then showed receipts that MJ did send them. The photos looked like Williams was getting all the merch, including the shoes.

Tar Heels will face the Duke University Blue Devils for a chance to get to the NCAA Finals. It will be a special event as the semifinal game could end or extend Coach Mike Krzyzewski's coaching career. Coach K is retiring at the end of the season, and Blue Devil fans, players, and alumni all hope he gets the proper farewell he deserves: with a championship. On the other hand, the Tar Heels want to end Coach K's run. No personal feelings there, just taking care of business for UNC players.

Proof that Jordan was a good teammate

In the past months, stories of how bad MJ was as a teammate was getting headlines. Scottie Pippen criticized him and called him many names. Steve Kerr and MJ also got into an altercation during their practices. In the Last Dance documentary, MJ was seen bullying Scott Burrell. So was Jordan a good or a bad teammate?

No one could question Mike's passion for the game. He wanted to elevate those around him, and the bullying was just a product of his tough love for his teammates. But, as evident in his latest gesture with Williams, Jordan still values the relationships he had built over the years with fellow alumni and former teammates. Call him any names you want, but Jordan delivered on his promise when it mattered. Kudos to Scott Williams for thinking of that UNC-Bulls connection to get his prized merch. If there's one positive thing about being teammates with MJ, this is it. 

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