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Michael Jordan harshly rejects two kids asking for a photo

No love from the GOAT!
Michael Jordan 

Michael Jordan 

Seeing NBA players in person or trying to get a photo with them is an exciting moment for all fans, and especially the kids, no matter who it is. But when you get the chance to see the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan, it's a whole another world, and you have to try to take advantage of the opportunity. Unfortunately for two kids the other day, MJ wasn't in the best mood.

F**k them kids!

A video that was trending over social media yesterday shows two kids waiting in a parking lot, expecting to see the young Charlotte Hornets star LaMelo Ball. But instead, they got much more than anticipated when former NBA player and legend Michael Jordan walked out to the amazement of the kids.

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But unfortunately for them, MJ wasn't really in the mood for socializing, and he harshly refused to take a photo while saying: 'No! Take that sh*t down!'

At least the kids didn't lose enthusiasm or get scared away by Jordan's refusal, continuing to shout his name and film him. What was the reason for Jordan's rude reaction is unclear, but obviously, he probably just wasn't in the mood that day.

Still, that didn't stop a lot of people from criticizing Michael for his reaction, considering he has been such an idol for the kids over the past 30+ years. For him, it was just a second of time, while for them, this will be the memory of Jordan they will take with them for their whole life.

Michael got heavily criticized after the video went viral, and the most common reaction and diss was, of course, involved with LeBron James, with fans saying he would never treat his fans that way.

At the end of the day, Michael is only human, and he has dealt with these types of situations on a daily basis for a long time now. We have seen him be friendly and warm with fans countless times, so this one video won't probably change his reputation too much.

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