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Max Kellerman would still take Andre Igoudala over Stephen Curry for the final shot


"The fate of the universe on the line. The martians have the death beam pointed at the earth. I want Igoudala!" There are not many more iconic and hilarious takes by any NBA analyst than this statement from Max Kellerman back in 2019. While debating if you would give the last shot to Stephen Curry or Andre Iguodala, Max suprised everyone. The choice was obvious. You go with the greatest shooter of all time, but Kellerman swerved and, in a hilarious fashion, picked Iggy. That moment got memorized in NBA history, and the other day Max doubled down on his opinion.

Max Kellerman at it again

Andre Igoudala is a great player with a more than respectable career behind him. 3x time champion, 1x Finals MVP, and 1x All-Star has earned the reputation of a perfect team guy, coming off the bench for the dominant Warriors teams. Never regarded as the best shooter, Igoudala was more known for his athletic ability and all-around prowess. But that didn't stop him from making some big shots in his career.

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But I don't think even Iggy himself has more confidence in his clutch shooting ability than Max Kellerman. A few years after the infamous take that went around the NBA world, Kellerman doubled down on it the other day. After Igoudala hit a late-game three that sealed a tough road victory in Utah, Max had to explain why he would still choose Iggy over Curry to this day:

"Let me tell you fools something: I still do... You don't have to get your own shot. Just an open look. This is not about how well you shoot. It's about what's in your veins, ice water. Who's won more Finals MVPs, Andre Iguodala or Stephen Curry? The answer is Iguodala... I'm saying with the money on the line, what type of player are you. Are you a clutch player? Andre Iguodala is not a great shooter. Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all-time. When it matters most, I want Iguodala. I said it again."

Max Kellerman, ESPN

Of course, Kellerman faced a lot of criticism and ridicule for doubling down on such an unpopular opinion. But he has presented somewhat of a decent point. There is no question Curry is an unbelievable shooter off the dribble or the catch and shoot, but the fact of the matter is that the only knock on Steph's legacy is delivering in the clutch and on the biggest stage.

While Igoudala is nowhere near the shooter or player that Curry is, he can still be counted on to produce when it matters the most. You can trust Igoudala with the last-second shot, but picking him ahead of Curry is still ridiculous, in my opinion. No matter how many times he missed in the clutch, you have to give the ball to the best shooter in the world if you want to win.

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