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"Master P" and Agent Zero remember the time they beat Michael Jordan at his camp

Arenas and Master P beat jordan at his camp

Arenas and Master P beat jordan at his camp

Percy "Master P" Miller was close to making the NBA. The rap mogul even tried out for the Hornets right after the end of the 1998-99 lockout, as well as the Raptors the following season, but only got as far as few preseason appearances. However, the talent was undoubtedly there. "I was better than a lot of guys in the NBA," P said."It was all politics. They know it."

The scouting report on Miller went something like this: he could spot up, shoot off the dribble, had a decent handle, and knew how to play to his strengths. But above all, P was fearless on the court, ready to go up against anyone. Even Michael Jordan, who P beat at one of his camps. He shared the story while appearing on "No Chill With Gilbert Arenas."

Everybody was scared of J at the time, we know he's the best dude in the world. We got on the court and I told them, 'look man, let's just go beat these old dudes.' Jordan was like, 'man, you a rapper.' I said, 'no bro, I'm in the pros and I'm ready.'

Percy "Master P" Miller, No Chill with Gilbert Arenas

Miller played alongside then-college stars Gilbert Arenas and Ron Artest. Who was on a team with Jordan remains a mystery, but according to P, No.23 was still at the peak of his powers. The game took place around 1998,99. "They was gonna call the police," Master P said. "We just went hard and beat them. And you know me, I'mma talk crazy once he's sitting on the sidelines."

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Both Arenas and Miller agreed on one thing; they caught Jordan on an off-night. But the win still counts. There are only a few guys, if any, who can say they beat MJ at one of his camps. Master P might be the only one with such bragging rights and not a single official NBA game to his name. That alone speaks to how talented he really was.

How close was Pete to making it to the pros? Realistically, back then, dropping a CD every week, I said if he didn't drop two CDs that year, he would've made it to the pros. Because when it came to just street hoopin', he was a hooper. But when you're talking about catching that next level, he didn't have the training.

Gilbert Arenas, No Chill with Gilbert Arenas

Pursuing excellence in one field deprived Master P of chasing a career in basketball. Missing out on early years of teaching fundamental basketball stuff was something he was never able to make up for. But the guy had the gift, no doubt about it.

Playing in the NBA is something he would've loved to have on his already impressive resume. But this music mogul will have to settle for beating MJ in a pick-up game. That should be good enough.

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