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Marbury: Nike should offer him $500 million


“He don't have to touch a basketball and he's better than LeBron James. I said that.” That's the end of quite the statement Stephon Marbury made on Instagram live recently commenting Zion Williamson. If you want detail you can read about this statement here, let's just do a shot recap. At 6'7, 285 lbs his athleticism is being compared to LeBron, mostly in regards to his quickness and agility at that weight/power. Williamson is a top 2 on most draft boards alongside his Duke co-star R.J. Barret. It took a few college games for Marbury to make his bold statement about Zion.

Yes, he is very athletic and he is showing potential. LeBron went to 8 straight Finals. Just comparing them is quite the statement, but to say Zion is better?? Then there was a tweet that may reveal who's attention Marbury tried to get.

Marbury had an amazing career in China, his Starbury brand is expanding and he is obviously trying to get his first big star. A similar strategy worked to get the highest political office in the USA, why not try it to get your first star?

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