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Manu: "I like superteams"


Manu Ginobili is the greatest 6th man in the history of the game. Not debatable. He could've been a Klay Thompson on any team, but he loved the Spurs, his teammates, and Pop so he accepted to come off the bench his entire career to play in San Antonio.

A culture set by Tim Duncan, the Spurs were the antithesis of the superteam, and though they had three All-Star players in Tim, Tony, and Manu - and they tanked to get their superstar. If you didn't know anything else about them, you could say they were one of the first ones to start the superteam movement.

But we know that Popovich insists that the team is no.1 and no-one is above the Spurs. So when every summer the first practice involves dribbling fundamentals, no-one complains. If Tim Duncan is OK with "Intro to basketball," you have to be as well.

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That's why it may come as a surprise when Manu spoke positively on the concept of superteams and players talking to each other and teaming up. Even Manu is a prime example of Spurs DNA, it's all about good basketball (via ESPN):

I think it's healthy for the league. This year is gonna be super interesting. The Warriors did it, and they won four championships. Now, most of the teams have two, or three (superstars). It's gonna be fun; I'm very excited about the NBA season.

If you look at ratings and overall interest, having a superteam is the best that can happen to a sports league. While everyone complains it's boring, and we know who will win, we all tune in to watch. We may not have an obvious favorite, but there are a lot of superteams in the NBA, and a lot of fanbases with a legitimate case they team might win a lot and go far in the playoffs.

We agree with Manu, this will be an amazing NBA season.

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