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"I don’t think he’ll take it well” - Magic Johnson thinks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won’t be happy when LeBron James passes him on the NBA All-time scoring list

Magic hopes the record can actually be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between LeBron and Kareem “because they are going find out they're similar.”
Los Angeles Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, point guard Magic Johnson, and point forward LeBron James

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, and LeBron James

Throughout this NBA season, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and LeBron James' names will be associated with each other a lot. It's all because James, who is now just 1,243 points (as of writing) behind Abdul-Jabbar, is very likely to pass him in the NBA's all-time scoring ladder. So over the next couple of months, expect a lot of tidbits and quotes from both LeBron and Kareem and their former and present teammates. In fact, Magic Johnson has already started.

Magic believes Kareem won't be happy for LeBron

Although  Abdul-Jabbar once said he'll be ecstatic when James passes him in the NBA's all-time scoring list, his beloved teammate Johnson thinks otherwise. According to Johnson, who won 5 championships with Kareem during their time together with the Showtime Lakers, it'll be a hard pill for his teammate to swallow because he thought he would hold on to the record forever.

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"I don't think he'll take it well. Let's just be honest and the fact that it's a dude [LeBron] that's playing for the Lakers too. It's a dude playing in LA so I think it'll be a hard pill to swallow and I think he was going to have it forever," Johnson said in his latest appearance on the "Club Shay Shay" podcast.

James and Abdul-Jabbar's complicated relationship

Johnson, who recruited James to the Lakers in 2018, admitted that he'd love to play a role in mending the relationship between James and Kareem — who both don't really have a relationship, at least according to James. Abdul-Jabbar has praised James over the past couple of years for his play on the court and commitment to be a voice for the Black community off the court, but also once called the current Laker out for his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine and doing the Sam Cassell "Big Balls" dance.

According to Johnson, the two just need to sit together and break the ice because little do they know they're much more similar than they think.

"I think one day that's going to happen. And if I can play a part in that, I would love to do that. I think let (James) pass (Abdul-Jabbar) first (on the NBA all-time scoring list). Let that happen, and let that soak in for a minute, and then put the two men together because they are going find out they're similar. See, both of them, if something happens in the world, they're the first ones to comment on it. And so I would love to make that happen. Let's let LeBron go through the process of passing me (on NBA's all-time assist list) passing him, and then I think we can put that together," Johnson said.

Ultimately, only time will tell whether LeBron and Kareem can form a better relationship and if the latter will be present to congratulate the 4-time champion once he overtakes him in the most accomplished scoring record in basketball history. 

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