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Magic Johnson is concerned about LeBron playing the point guard for the Lakers

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You definitely can't judge the entire season by only one game, but the Clippers exposed the Lakers on several fronts in their first matchup this season. One of the evident things is the lack of creativity on offense from the Lakers despite the fact they announced LeBron would predominantly play the point guard position. In the past couple of seasons, LeBron would be the primary creator on the teams he played for because of his ability to make the right pass and find the teammates in the best possible positions.

Even though LeBron flirted with a triple-double in a game against the Clippers and finished the game with 18 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists, he was not taking care of the ball properly. He had five turnovers, and according to Magic Johnson, the Clippers wore him down by constantly switching their best defenders on him.

Magic is concerned the Lakers plan to have LeBron playing the point guard has a lot of flaws, and as the season progresses, he will be exposed as someone who is not able to protect the ball. LeBron is more than capable of orchestrating the Lakers offense but not for the majority of the game. That is why having Rajon Rondon on the team could be the right solution moving forward for the Lakers.

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"I'm concerned because you are giving LeBron too much point guard duty. He should play the point guard but also let someone bring the ball down. I felt Patrick Beverley and some of the other players on the Clippers wore him down."

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