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Magic Johnson answers if KD has finally surpassed LeBron as the best player in the NBA


LeBron James or Kevin Durant? It seems though this question has been going around for a good 7,8 years now, ever since KD was leading the Thunder into deep playoff runs and LeBron was winning his first championships with the Miami Heat. The debate has quieted down in recent years, after KD's Achilles injury, but after a fantastic return this season, the fans have started to speculate. Is KD finally the number one guy in the Association?

Durant's case has gotten a big boost after his heroic performances in the series against Bucks, in which he almost single-handily pushed the Brooklyn Nets through to the Eastern Conference Finals. On the other hand, LeBron suffered his first-ever first-round exit in a series he never quite looked like the LeBron we know.

Even the NBA legend and one of the best point guards ever, Magic Johnson, had to chime in and share his opinion on the KD-LeBron debate. Magic was a guest on First Take, as he answered if Durant has finally surpassed LeBron as the best player in the NBA.

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"Not yet. He gotta win that chip'. He gotta win that championship. And they came up short, just like LeBron and the Lakers came up short this season. So. LeBron still has the edge on those championship rings, so I would say not yet. But I tell you. I was just taken back, and I've never seen a guy perform like KD did in that Bucks series. He was doing it from everywhere. So I was very impressed with KD. He's one of my favorite all-time players. The way he can score, where he can score from, is just amazing...You know how the torch is being like this? Passing it, and KD has got his arm out waiting on it."

Magic Johnson, First Take

It seems to me that Magic has a bit of that LA bias on his side in this argument. To be fair, it looked like Magic was referring to the totalities of their careers, in which case LeBron has far more accolades. But when it comes to who is the better player right now, there is no question. KD is currently a better player. Age and injuries have caught up to LBJ; his athleticism isn't what it used to be. 

On the other side, KD is looking better than ever. He was always a scoring cheat-code, but now he has built an all-around game to him and started to dominate in a way we don't see very often. So after years of Lebron edging out KD as the best on the planet, it seems the torch has finally been passed. Even Magic will have to admit that pretty soon.

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