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Luke Walton Criticizes Veterans


The Los Angeles Lakers are said to have some clashes after the defeat against the Golden State Warriors. Media reports call the names of two players.

According to ESPN, Lakers coach Luke Walton criticized veterans Michael Beasley and JaVale McGee after the game against the Warriors. The reason for this was their selfish playing style in the crunch time.

Following the coach's criticism, both players have expressed their anger over Walton's ever-changing rotations. As The Athletic reports, the discussion was "heated", but also was cooled down quickly. A source told ESPN Ramona Shelburne: "It never got close to getting out of control, players and coaches are always emotional after a defeat."

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Beasley calling Walton ''bro'' multiple times was the trigger for the Lakers coach. Walton is young and player-friendly but he is obviously demanding a certain level of respect and acknowledgment that he is the boss. When you think about the context, things start making sense.

We have been reporting on Walton's status and it seems LeBron, Magic, and Pelinka would like to change him in the offseason while Jeanie Buss is his only ally in the organization. Walton is feeling the pressure.

The veteran players are also nervous as they all signed one-year deals and have to prove their worth to get new contracts. When you sign with a LeBron team a deep playoff run is expected but the Lakers playoff is in question and tensions are high. It's easier to go off on a coach if you know the majority of the organization wants him out.

Commenting on his message to the team, Walton told the media after the game: "When the opposing team starts a run, it's normal for players to try to go one-on-one, but that just makes the opposing defense better. So you have to stay aggressive."

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