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Same script, different day as Lakers find another way to embarrass themselves vs T'Wolves

This is the first time a LeBron James-led team has trailed by as many as 25 points in three consecutive games.
Los Angeles Lakers forward Carmelo Anthony and Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns

Carmelo Anthony and Karl Anthony Towns

Unlike their past two games, the Lakers came out with more fight and aggression against the Minnesota Timberwolves. But it was the same script that took place once again as the Purple and Gold couldn't buy a bucket to save their lives in the first quarter.

Can you name a more horrible duo than the Lakers and first quarters? Because at this point, there might be none. 

Keeps getting worse

Los Angles missed seven shots, with at least six players missing their first baskets. They finished the first period 0-10 from the three-point area, making them 1-33 in their last three first quarters.

On the other side, Minnesota converted 3-10 of their three-pointers, which helped them take a 31-17 lead in the first period. Momentum was on the home team's side as the Wolves kept rolling thanks to Anthony Edwards' 27 points, Karl-Anthony Towns' 30 points, and Patrick Beverley's 18 points. The Wolves' 25 point lead in the first half was their biggest of the game.

The Lakers have now trailed by 25+ points in three straight games. This is the first time a LeBron James-led team has trailed by as many as 25 points in three consecutive games. L.A.'s record currently stands at 2-11 since the All-Star break; two of the games they won were when James had to score 50 points or more.

After the game, former Laker and now Spectrum SportsNet analyst Robert Horry shared some strong words to express his disdain for the Lakers' unserious performance.

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"There are so many things you can point out w/ this team that is the problem. It's not just the players, the coaching staff, it's the whole damn organization right now because they have no energy in the 1st qtr it's just like they don't care," Horry said. "It's so hard to be positive about this team because they keep doing dumb stuff," he added.

A Russell Westbrook clown fest

Aside from the blowout win, the Timberwolves were aggressively mocking the Lakers throughout the game. It started with no other than Beverley (who has had the longest beef with Westbrook) as he first went to the Lakers bench, telling them that they stink.

In fairness to the 10-year veteran, he walked his talk. Beverly outhustled the Lakers' poor defense and set the intensity for his team. As seen in this clip below, Beverley nabbed the rebound while two Lakers stood in front of the court. Then to make things worst for them, Beverley ran back on defense and stole Westbrook's entry pass. Wednesday's game was the first time Beverley (18) had more points than Westbrook (15) in a head-to-head matchup.

As if things were not bad enough, Beverley and his teammates didn't stop there. In the last few minutes of the final period, Westbrook shot an airball from the corner and was made fun of by the whole Timberwolves team and crowd. Talk about an embarrassing moment.

The back-and-forth continues

After the game, Westbrook was asked about the Timberwolves trash-talking him and his team all night. Westbrook kept it simple and said he didn't bother paying attention to them.

"I honestly don't pay no mind to it. They weren't talking to me. Nobody over there has done anything in this league. They won a game, happy for them, (I'll) move on to the next one," Westbrook, who had 15 points, five assists, and four rebounds for the game, said.

Beverley took note of Westbrook's comments and clapped back on Twitter. He mentioned his recent personal accomplishments were making it to the Western Conference Finals twice and playoffs every year.

Whether or not Beverly is better than Westbrook is up for debate, but Wednesday's game showed that he got the last laugh against Brodie.

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