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Lonzo Ball shares what makes Kevin Durant the most unstoppable one-on-one player in the NBA

Lonzo Ball & Kevin Durant

Lonzo Ball breaks down what makes KD unstoppable one-on-one

Lonzo Ball thinks Kevin Durant is the most unstoppable player in the NBA and someone who comes up on top for the most part in one-on-one situations. 

KD is the best one-on-one player in the NBA

After joining the Chicago Bulls this summer, Lonzo Ball has found a perfect place for him to blossom as a player and showcase he can be a valuable asset on a team competing for a championship. This is Lonzo's fifth season in the NBA, and he is now pretty experienced and has had the opportunity to play against the best players in the league multiple times so far. He had to guard all of them several times and was often in charge of slowing them down since he is a great defensive player, so he highlighted the most talented offensive players in the league right now.

In a recent interview for The Players Tribune, Ball admitted Kevin Durant is the most unstoppable player in the league, remembering a moment from his rookie season that made him understand how hard it really is to guard someone like him.

"Seven-foot sniper. Can't do nothing with it. I remember my rookie year when I was in LA, we were playing the Warriors at Staples, and with like 20 seconds left in OT, in a tie game, I got iso'd on KD at the top of the key. He started left, and man … he hit me with this cross, and he just straight up lost me. There was nothing I could do with it. Then he hit the shot, and it was a wrap."

Lonzo lists his top 5 players all-time

Even though Durant seems like a perfect player that does so many things great on the floor, Lonzo mentioned he doesn't have the elite strength. That is not so unusual when you look at how he is built, so Lonzo said you could only slow him down on defense if you play him physically as much as possible. 

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"To have that kind of size and still have a guard's skill set is just crazy. I would say the only thing KD doesn't have is elite strength. So when you play against him, you have to be physical and stay up in him. And you gotta ride him over every screen, because you know his teammates are trying to get him shots. But even if you stay up in his chest, he's seven feet, and he's just gonna shoot over you whenever he wants. So it's like … what do you even do?"

Lonzo made an interesting comparison between Durant and Tracy McGrady, another extremely versatile player saying they are incredibly similar in terms of being pretty much unstoppable in one-on-one situations. When it comes to the best offensive players of all-time in the NBA, Lonzo has five names on his mind that make that list. 

"The only guy I can think of who had a guard's skill set like that at that height was probably T-Mac. He was smaller than KD — I think he was like 6-foot-8 — but he was probably one of the most unstoppable one-on-one players of all time. 

If I had to pick a top five for that — like, my five toughest one-on-one players of all time — I think I'd put KD and T-Mac in there. Then I'd go MJ, cause he's the GOAT I'd have to put Kobe in there, too, because I've always been a Kobe guy. I grew up watching him. And then I'll go with my man A.I., because he used to make guys look silly. He's just a legend."

For Lonzo, there is no doubt Durant is the best player in the league right now, and he even knows that which is a demeanor he carries through in every single game he plays in for the Nets.

"KD is the only current player in there because I think he's the most unstoppable guy in the league to guard one-on-one right now. You can tell by the way he plays and the way he carries himself that he thinks he's the best player in the world. And there's no reason he shouldn't feel that way."

Kevin Durant is currently the leading scorer in the NBA, and when you take into account the horrific injury he suffered 3 years ago, it's impressive he was able to bounce back in such a remarkable way. There is no defense in the NBA that can completely stop him but only slow him down at best. After five years in the NBA and playing against every superstar multiple times, Lonzo believes Kevin Durant is the most unstoppable one. 

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