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“I am the Manu of football.” — Leo Messi’s touching tribute to fellow Argentinian legend

Leo Messi gave the ultimate compliment to Manu Ginobili after he was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Argentina shooting guard Manu Ginobili and Argentina midfielder Lionel Messi

Manu Ginobili and Leo Messi

Manu Ginobili and Leo Messi are among the finest Argentinan athletes ever. The two dominated in their respective fields, and Messi offered one of the highest compliments for his compatriot after Manu got enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

“I am the Manu of football”

Leo Messi, considered the greatest football player of all time, paid tribute to Manu Ginobili, reflecting his humility and character, making him a great football player and an even better human being.

It makes me very proud to hear a journalist say that Manu is the Messi of basketball. In fact, they should say that I am the Manu of football.

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The San Antonio guard was recently immortalized in the Hall of Fame due to his contributions to basketball. As one of his country’s heroes, he inspired the young generation and proved there are diamonds deep in the draft class. Manu was chosen as the 57th pick in the 1999 NBA draft and won four NBA titles and the 6th Man of the Year award. The lefty shooter was also named an All-Star in 2005.

Similarities between Ginobili and Messi

Manu and Leo are no strangers to brining joy to Argentina. Ginobili was instrumental in helping the national team win the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics. Meanwhile, Messi led the national team in capturing the 2021 Copa America. La Pulga was often criticized for having little to no success with the La Albiceleste compared to the success he’s had with Barcelona. But with the Copa America win, the monkey is now off his back.

Messi and Ginobili are popular figures off the court and the field. They play selflesly and don’t have the superstar complex other stars in their sports usually suffer from. For example, both Argentinians are known to sacrifice personal records for team gains. The team is more important for these two even if that means giving up stats or even bigger contracts.

Leo Messi still has a few good years left before hanging it up. Fans all over the world should show their appreciation. There will never be another Manu Ginobili or Messi again: two legends who gave it their all, won almost everything, and remained professional and humble despite their superstar status. 

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