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LeBron says where he ranks Kobe all time


Earlier this season LeBron said Kobe was one of the greatest Lakers of all time and people were trying to argue he was taking a passive-aggressive swipe at Kobe by intentionally calling him one of the greatest Lakers and not one of the greatest players. This is the kind of stuff LeBron has to deal with on a daily basis. 

Last night Kobe and his daughter Gigi came to Staples and watched the Lakers beat the Hawks 122 -101. It was no surprise that Kobe got a lot of love from Staples, and it was great to see the respect and appreciation LeBron and Kobe have for each other. After the game, LeBron made it clear even he gave the game a bit extra because Kobe was watching him, fully aware of his presence:

"Absolutely. How could you not be? could you not be? Like I said, he's one of the greatest players to have played this game. You know, to take time out of his day, on a Sunday, and go...oh...and he's got one of the greatest female basketball players, that's about to come up, sitting next to him, in Gigi. So I'm just trying to put on a show for them and give them a reason to be like "OK, we might come to another game."

LeBron James

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Despite the compliment from LeBron, Kobe's daughter Gigi wasn't there to see him play. Not even another Laker. We're not saying she's not a fan of LeBron or the Lakers, but it turns out Gigi was most excited to see Trae Young play (via ESPN).

"It was crazy because he told me his daughter is a huge fan of mine, and I'm one of her favorite players. It's kind of crazy because I'll be watching her highlights, too. They pop up on my timeline."

LeBron James

If there was one player you wouldn't expect Kobe would give much love to, it would be Dwight Howard. The two famously didn't get along during Howard's time with the Lakers. Seems Kobe is enjoying Dwight's recent performances with the Lakers as much as other fans and showing love almost cost him an elbow in the face. Here's Dwight explaining the moment Kobe said "hi" to him (via Mark Medina):

"I didn’t even know who it was. He slapped me on the neck and I was about to elbow him. Then he said, ‘What’s up, man. You’re playing good.’ It was cool, man. I was glad he came to the game."

Dwight Howard

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