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LeBron James wants referees to let players talk trash to each other

The trash talk between Joel Embiid and Kevin Durant pumped up the fans including LeBron James.
LeBron James thinks the NBA should tolerate the trash-talking between the players

LeBron James is all about allowing players to talk trash

Imagine the NBA deciding to go back to the 80s and 90s game where players were allowed to talk trash to each other without getting penalized? LeBron James approves it. The King is all for players to be allowed to say something to each other without getting technical.

That’s DOPE!!

In the last game between the Nets and the Sixers, Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid had something to say to each other after a heated play. The two superstars went at it, but the game officials decided not to give them a technical foul for the verbal tussle.

The fans loved it, and even LeBron James approved it.

“I love that the refs let KD and JE talk that talk to each other and didn’t TECH them up! That’s DOPE!! Understanding the assignment”

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The way games are being called has been inconsistent in years. For example, in some games, they were allowed to say a bit while others, they get an automatic T. When the stakes are higher and in heated moments, that’s when the magic happens. The NBA should allow the players to express themselves as long as it won’t escalate into a physical brawl. A bit of taunting could help bring back the fans who think today’s games are soft.

Can LeBron James take the heat?

James has been called a “crybaby” by his critics. Does he really want the game officials to allow players to play some mind games and talk trash to their opponents? Can he take the heat?

James understands his value to the team, and he cannot afford to get thrown out of games. But from what we’ve seen, The King can also dance to the tune of trash talk when provoked.

The playoffs are just around the corner. The NBA should allow players to express themselves on the court without crossing the line. It’s exciting for the fans and also gets the players pumped up. The King has given his approval. The decision is now on Adam Silver’s and the management of the NBA. 

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