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LeBron James talks about his motivation to get involved in various community projects

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In yesterday's press conference, LeBron James talked about his involvement in different projects that help the communities and improve kids' lives from low-income families. For the past couple of years, LeBron participates in various activities where the main goal is to provide free education for kids and families struggling with finances, which is the same type of situation LeBron felt on his skin while growing up in a single-parent household.

We've been to hell and back, but we never waivered. We may have questioned days is it going to be tomorrow for us and how are we going to make it to the next day. For me personally, I realized at a young age, I had to be more than my mom's son. I had to be kinda, like a big brother of a family that didn't have siblings. I had to be more than I was at that time because my mom needed support. I literally know what these kids are going through because I was that kid.

LeBron James, via Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron also talked about the support he received from all of his coaches and friends while growing up. He believes the positive impact on the kids at an early stage of their life is essential because it will incentivize them to become great citizens and be great in their professional careers, no matter in which direction they choose to pursue.

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When you have that support, you can tap into some things that you never believed you could tap into, and that is my opportunity and my responsibility to my community to give them support. I would love that at some point in time throughout their lives, and they can come to our foundation and say, you might not remember me, but I was that kid that came from this school, and now I am a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic. That would be incredible for me to hear.

LeBron James, via Los Angeles Lakers

Growing up in a tough environment is the primary motivation that keeps LeBron doing what he does in helping the community. He hopes one life can change an entire family's outcome, which can trickle down to multiple families in the long run.

I just want to create change for the greater good. If you can create change in one family, hopefully, it can trickle to two, two go to four, four to eight, sixteen, thirty-two. Obviously, you can tell I am very passionate about that, and it needs to be done. It needs to be done in our communities, and I am proud to tell I can be an inspiration to some other athletes that want to create that same change.

LeBron James, via Los Angeles Lakers

In the last couple of years, LeBron has taken a few initiatives to help kids from the inner city get proper education and make significant changes in their lives. You can definitely tell he is passionate about all of these projects. There is no doubt he will be even more involved in making a significant change in his community as his career comes to an end when he will have more time to dedicate himself to a cause he really cares about and maybe even expand it on a national level in the near future.

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