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LeBron James, Space Jam 2 nominated for awards but it’s not what you think

LeBron James

The King has been nominated for an award nobody wants to get associated with.

LeBron James can’t seem to catch a break. The Lakers are currently out of the playoff picture, their chance of making the postseason slipping further with every Russell Westbrook shot that hits nothing but the upper left backboard. And now, The King has been nominated for an award nobody wants to get associated with. 

Another L for LeBron James

The 2022 Razzie Awards released its nominees for the Worst Actor award. Unfortunately, LeBron James got the nod together with A-listers Amy Adams, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck, and Jared Leto for other acting performances. James was nominated for his movie Space Jam 2, which also received mixed reactions from the audience. Space Jam 2 is also up for Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel for the Golden Raspberry Awards.

To be fair to James, it’s hard living up to or exceeding expectations for Space Jam 2, given how successful the first movie was and how universally well-loved Michael Jordan is. Some say there’s no need to make a sequel, but diehards want to see how James would elevate the story. Was it a passing of the torch between two players considered greatest of all time? If it was, the Lakers star failed terribly.

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Now, LeBron haters have another reason to criticize him. It will be another reason for Kobe Bryant loyalists to claim, “This is LeBron will never surpass Kobe.” Byrant won an Oscar award for Best Animated Short Film for “Dear Basketball.” Comparing James and Bryant’s movies is unfair, but online fans always find reasons to argue.

Was Space Jam 2 a flop?

James is not an actor, but critics claim his acting sells fouls every time to the game officials. Meanwhile, Space Jam 2 has exceeded $200 million at the global box office while it took an estimate of $150 million to make. 

The pandemic hit movies hard, especially those released in theaters. On Rotten Tomatoes, it received a 25 percent rating on Tomatometer and a 79 percent rating on Audience Score. Given the circumstances, it did well on its own, but it would have attracted more audiences if it had been released pre-pandemic. 

The critics rate the movie based on its predecessor but Space Jam 2: A New Legacy is different from the first Space Jam. It had a big opening weekend but experienced a 70 percent drop in ticket sales on its second week. However, it will most likely make more money in the long run when it becomes available on online streaming platforms.

Even if James wins the Worst Actor award, he will continue with his life and earn millions in the process. However, LeBron can still make several movies in the future if he wants to, and critics will just find other ways to throw shade or lambast him for various reasons.

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