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LeBron James shares his praise for Steph Curry for soon breaking the 3-point record

LeBron James & Steph Curry

LeBron talks about his appreciation for his rival Curry

As Steph Curry inches his way in dethroning Ray Allen on the NBA All-Time 3-points list, rival LeBron James heaped high praise on the Golden State Warriors star. 

LeBron James admits counting Steph's 3s

As it stands now, Curry only needs six 3s to tie Ray Allen's record or seven to take over the top spot. After falling short to the Sixers tonight, Curry will have another opportunity in a game against the Indiana Pacers on Monday. 

LeBron James, who met Curry in the finals four times, can't help but say good things to his rival. He even shared he's counting Steph's 3s. 

"First of all the fact that the other night, when they played, we really tracking to see if he made 16 threes - it just lets you know how freaking amazing he is. If there's one guy in the NBA that can make 16 3s, it's Steph Curry. I'm literally sitting there and doing the calculations in my head. I'm like 16, i know he's made 12 a few times."

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To be exact, Curry's career-high was 13 three-point shots. He achieved that in their game against the New Orleans Pelicans in November 2016. He also made 12 long-range bombs in February 2016 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Steph will break the record this season, that's for sure. However, it remains to be seen if he can get it done in the next one or two games. 

James-Curry rivalry

LeBron, a freight train of a power forward, enjoyed some classic battles with elite sniper Stephen Curry. Curry actually owns James' numbers: the GSW star has a 23-17 winning record, including a 15-7 edge in the postseason. Some would say James is bitter to Curry as the latter is only among a few NBA players who have an advantage over the Lakers star in terms of head-to-head games. But with The King's recent remarks, it quashes any bitter rumors between the two. 

It takes one to know one, and despite James' own achievements in the league, he knows players like Curry only come once in a lifetime. 

What makes the record-breaking feat even more remarkable is that the son of former player Dell Curry did it in lesser games. However, as history beckons, the 2-time MVP admits he doesn't let it go to his head.

"I obviously know I'm closing in. But I try not to let it creep in to, you know, how you play and just enjoy the journey to get there."

That's another aspect of why Curry has received so much love from fans and players alike: his humility. May we all appreciate Steph Curry and what he has done while he's still here. 

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