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LeBron James responds to Jazz announcers criticizing him during the game last night

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The Los Angeles Lakers had a blowout win against the Utah Jazz last night, winning the game 121-96. The Jazz was playing at home, and even though fans expected a close game, that didn't happen. On top of that, towards the end of the game, LeBron and the rest of his teammates were joking around and having fun on the bench. LeBron even took off his shoes off, which resulted in a furious reaction from the Jazz announcers.

They were not happy with what they saw from LeBron and said he showed ultimate disrespect, saying he is not on the playground where that type of behavior is ok. Their comments got to LeBron, who responded on his Instagram account with the following statement.

"Imagine doing your job at the highest level to where you’re not needed anymore, giving your shoes to a lil girl and boy who you inspire and hoped you made proud that night, then cheering on your teammates cause you love seeing them succeed more than yourself only to be criticized while doing it. People it’s the world we live in and you can’t let it ever stop you from your purpose in life. Negativity, bad energy, hate, envy, etc etc will try to bring you down throughout your journey and it’s up to you on how you handle it. I handle it by simply saying “Thank You” with a ? on my face and continue to push forward while doing it! LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE ??❤️?"

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