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LeBron James on the trade rumors surrounding his teammates: "We all know this is a business"


The Los Angeles Lakers are the main topic of discussion for the past few weeks in regards to possibly trading for Anthony Davis. The sage continued with Lakers offering almost half of their roster for Davis and a couple of draft picks.

For LeBron James, this is not something new since he experienced the trade talks involving his teammates on several occasions in pretty much any team he was a part of. This time it's no different and James' commented today about the possible changes in the team, saying NBA is all about business above anything else.

At the end of the day, we have a job to do. We all know this is a business, it is a business. You go out and prepare as a professional and that is what you suppose to do. It's a business.

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LeBron said he was always in these types of situations where some of his current teammates were in considerations to be traded by the team. However, the team's focus should be winning more games if they want to make the playoffs and he is ready to lead them in that direction.

Right now this is what we have and this is my group and this is the group I'm trying to lead out there and win ball games. That is all I ever have done, I always have. I had teammates every year be apart of trade deadline discussions and things of that nature. We always figured out a way to shield away from that and just play the game. And if guys happened to be traded, that is the business side of things. It definitely hurts to lose teammates, especially at this point of the season but it's the business. It doesn't mean that you're fired and you don't have a job and thins of that nature. You still have a job and you are still able to play the game you love.

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