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LeBron James finally opens up about his incident with Isaiah Stewart and people calling him a dirty player

LeBron James

LeBron James opens up about the altercation with Isaiah Stewart

In a press conference after the exciting game against the Indiana Pacers, LeBron James finally talked about the incident with Isaiah Stewart that caused a lot of noise around the league.

After getting suspended for one game after that incident with Isaiah Stewart, LeBron came up big against the Pacers, scoring a team-high 39 points, hitting some essential clutch shots in OT. It was an exciting game in which LeBron even got two fans tossed out from the game for apparently saying inappropriate things to him. That obviously motivated him to take over the game and hit some tough shots to seal the deal for the Lakers and secure a much-needed win on the road.

In a press conference after the game, LeBron also finally shared his thoughts on his altercation with Isaiah Stewart that in some way shocked the entire NBA community. LeBron explained what really happened and how he is not a dirty player, but these things tend to occur when players are playing physically. He also said that incident wasn't worth the suspension, but he finally accepted the league's decision.

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"I knew right away I caught some part of his head, so I went over to apologize to him, and obviously, you guys have seen what happened after that. Definitely accidental, just like the play last night on Russ, accidental hit in the mouth, just like Sabonis played tonight with an accidental hit to the eye. I'm definitely not that type of player, and I hate to see what escalated right after that. I didn't think it warned an ejection because of what happened after that, having me still in the game, excitement from the fans, and what could potentially happen after that. The suspension wasn't warranted, but the league made that call."

The Lakers are currently sitting in the 9th spot in a very competitive western conference, and with LeBron, back in the starting lineup, it will be essential for them to get more wins in the upcoming weeks. Interestingly enough, they are again playing the Pistons on Sunday in Staples Center, which will be an exciting matchup because all eyes will be focused on LeBron and Stewart. Most likely, things will not escalate any more than they already have, but then again, you never know, we might be up for another surprise that will be orchestrated by the Pistons this time to get some edge over the Lakers.

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