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LeBron James blasts offseason workouts: Is he referring to Ben Simmons or Dwight Howard?

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LeBron James posted his opinion on offseason workouts, and fans wonder if he was referring to specific players. Is he just making comments in general, or is he upset at workout videos uploaded by fellow NBA players?

LeBron James annoyed at NBA players workouts

It’s the offseason, and players are preparing for the grind ahead. Those who want to become better hire personal trainers to help them improve other areas of their game where they need to level up. There are countless highlights uploaded on Youtube or Instagram showing players draining shots they don’t usually make or do routines that they don’t do during live games. These irked James, and he tweeted his opinion on it.

James is a sensible man. What he said was not entirely wrong. Why would a player practice and try to master a skill which would be useless because it will not be used during games? On the other hand, LeBron also got it wrong. Professional players are paid millions to help their teams win, even if it means learning how to dribble using left, how to shoot stepback 3s, or how to score using the weak hand.

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Fans think it’s a shade for Ben Simmons or Dwight Howard 

Some fans wonder if the Los Angeles Lakers star was referring to Ben Simmons or his new/old teammate Dwight Howard. Ben Simmons was seen on several occasions draining consecutive 3s in workout videos. However, fans are left wanting to see the highlights translate to actual game success. Simmons turns gun shy in shooting perimeter jumpers, and it came to a point where experts claim the problem may be inside his head. 

Meanwhile, Lakers teammate Howard also posted his offseason workouts, focusing on dribbling the ball across the court. 

Simmons shooting a 3 is more likely to happen in an actual game than Dwight Howard bringing the ball down safely to the court. If James is irked with players practicing useless moves during games, he could have been referring to Howard’s offseason workouts more than Simmons’ flawless offseason 3-point shooting. 

Players should be incentivized by their teams to add various skills to their game. However, the skills that should be practiced more are those related to the position they play in. Steph Curry could be seen in offseason videos working on his handles and shooting. He’s not focusing on blocking shots or grabbing rebounds because these are not expected of him to do. If James wants to be critical of his fellow players, he must be careful next time. It might rub people the wrong way, especially those who want to put in the work and improve.

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