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LeBron James' apology to LakerNation


For the next upsetting Lakers headline of the day, LeBron James has apologized to the fans of Tinsel town for… well, it could be many things. But the most relevant would be their blowout loss to Denver, leading Magic Johnson to call out the team for their spiritless effort, which may have even prompted a new Westbrook beef. 

After losing by 37 points, while getting outscored by 24 in the second half, to a Murray, Porter, Rivers-less Denver squad, Magic performed his annual, ‘this is how I feel about the Lakers and I’m going public’ routine. 

Embarrassing loss

If you missed the game, let’s just say he wasn’t exaggerating. There were two separate times (9:30 mark of 2Q and 11:00 mark of 4Q) where LeBron had clumsy turnovers and casually strolled back on transition. That won’t show up when reading LeBron’s 25-9-2 game stats. But when the leader of the team walks back on defense, forcing a four-on-five easy bucket while there is plenty of time to stop the bleeding - LeBron might be his generation’s GOAT, but that repulses me. 

James was also visibly disturbed by the commendable effort of growing name, Davon Reed. 

Would you believe that was one of James’ 2 assists?

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After the slow embarrassment was sirened off, LeBron didn’t speak to the media, but Westbrook had a few words to say after hearing Magic’s fiery tweet. 

">January 16, 2022

Big picture

It was only the game earlier that Westbrook was getting sound effect taunts from the Foreigner track or, as I knew it, M.O.P’s ‘Cold As Ice,’ which is just so awesome. In Brodie’s last 5 games, he’s averaging 13.5 points on 32% while the Lakers have only won 2 games. Surprisingly, Westbrook was pretty good against the Nuggets 19-5-4 on 47% shooting. Not bad (for a starter, a bit worse for the highest-paid player on a team with LeBron and AD).

But Magic’s been consistently critical of the Lakers recently. Last week, he made it clear that he does not even value the once MVP as a true scorer. 

The Lakers were simply outmatched for Jokić’s passing (17-12-13 on 57%), the production from rookie Bones Hyland (27-10-2 on 53%), and the ferocity of Jeff Green’s late-game scoring (26-3-4 on 71%). To make the night more memorable, it was only the 10th game in history that the Nuggets hit 20 or more three-pointers. 

But for players like LeBron, apologizing to the fans is never just about expressing remorse - it’s about winning. Through his long career, we’ve seen the self-appointed King apologize for Instagram posts, hard fouls, televising his first trade - but never for lackluster effort. This will either be the desperate refresh the Lakers and their alumni desire or another headline in a crash course season.

I guess we will see against the Jazz. 


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