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LeBron Has Mentally Checked Out


I may be downvoted here, but as a lifelong LeBron fan, I'm about to drop some knowledge on you guys. If this roster stays the same after the trade deadline, LeBron is gone. The way LeBron is playing right now, no effort, no enthusiasm, lifeless and going through the motions, is exactly how he left the Cavs back in 2010. If LeBron isn't having fun playing the game with his teammates, we don't get the best version of him. Period. As the best player in the league, LeBron likes calling a lot of the shots, and deservedly so.

It's clear that he didn't want Isaiah Thomas here, nor Crowder, nor Jose Calderon, or any of these guys that Gilbert/Altman signed. The only two that he actually wanted here were Wade and Rose (remember how he welcomed Rose with an Instagram post but was deadass silent when we signed Calderon, Thomas, etc...). He hasn't said one positive thing about I.T. that wasn't just generic interview talk and for some reason when Isaiah speaks to the media, it seems that he is cryptically referring to LeBron and the rest of the old team when he is referring to effort and whatnot.

Bottom line, if something doesn't happen by the trade deadline, Bron is going to give this half-assed effort all the way until the season ends. No, he won't be going Super Saiyan zero-dark 23 mode that we're used to in the playoffs because at this point, I can see that he knows it's not worth it with the teammates he has right now. He's not willing to play that hard for Thomas, Crowder, and a bunch of these new guys. There won't be an on/off switch. The time we won 18 of 19 earlier in the season, I could tell that he thought this team had a chance to contend when the chemistry was halfway decent. But it's clear that Isaiah has created a sort of divide within this team now, and LeBron is passive-aggressively trying to let the front office know that he ain't down with this, and unless some moves are made, this is the LeBron we're gonna get until he's leaving for another team next season. We've all seen this story before, the question is, how is Dan Gilbert gonna write the ending?

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