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LaVar Ball on who is better between LeBron James and Michael Jordan

lebron vs mj

The infamous Jordan-LeBron debate. One of the ongoing, controversial, and biggest debates in the NBA world that divided everybody involved is frequently brought up amongst fans, analysts, players, and even public figures. The debate so popular, even the infamous LaVar Ball had to share his opinion on the subject.

The most famous basketball dad in the world became famous for his funny and ridiculous statements, as LaVar has never been the type to shy away from speaking his mind. So when Chris Broussard asked him about his opinion on the MJ-LeBron debate, LaVar shared his choice and the reasoning behind it:

"LeBron is better than Jordan, heck yeah! But Jordan is the best of all time because of the winning. But as a player going at each other, man, they always gonna say whoever wins the most is gonna be the best. That boy been to the Finals every time and never lost. That makes you the best."

LaVar Ball, via ">Universe Galaxy

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Interestingly, LaVar shared how he prefers LeBron over MJ when it comes to individual quality, but that doesn't mean he is the best of all time. The 6-0 record in the Finals is too much for Lavar to hand over the GOAT crown to LeBron, as Jordan is still the best of all time in Lavar's eyes. Of course, after himself, as he said after this statement, how he would beat MJ and LeBron easily 1 on 1 in his heyday. Classic LaVar stuff.

Even though LaVar may say ridiculous things most of the time, in this subject, he spoke some truth, as the opinion of LeBron being the better player, but Jordan still being the best of all-time is pretty popular. After all, it's hard to argue LeBron isn't the more complete player as opposed to Jordan. But Michael was simply a winner that got the job done when it was needed. Either way, you go with these two, you can't go wrong.

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