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LaVar Ball invites Kyrie Irving to join Big Baller Brand: "You can have all the control you want!"

As Nike and Kyrie Irving appear to head in different ways, Lavar Ball uses this opportunity to lure the Brooklyn Nets star and join the Big Baller Brand.
LaVar Ball wants Kyrie Irving to join the Big Baller Brand

LaVar Ball wants Kyrie Irving to join BBB

Kyrie Irving and Nike may end their years-long partnership. It’s a sad end to what had been a lucrative collaboration between the two. However, one man is eager to seize the opportunity. Lavar Ball is waiting in the wings to make an offer that Irving may find hard to refuse.

"You can have all the control you want!"

Lavar Ball has stayed on the low these past months, but he’s making headlines again after inviting Kyrie to join his Big Baller Brand once his relationship with Nike ends. 

The apparel makers reportedly are not keen on extending their deal with the Brooklyn Nets star due to his availability issues. An NBA player needs to play games to promote his merchandise and shoes. Ky missed a lot of games this season due to his stance on vaccination, and unless he changes his mind, it looks like the same thing will happen next year.

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Ball knows a golden opportunity when he sees one. The marketing genius that he is, Lavar invited Kyrie to come on board his company and promised control over his merch.

“Kyrie! Stop crying to them folks… come on over here to Big Baller Brand, you can have all the control you want! I ain’t gonna give you an endorsement deal, I’m going to give you an ownership deal. Let's go. Think about it. Don't do everything for the money but be in the right situation. Ownership is everything,” LaVar said.

Lonzo and LaMelo are now wearing different brands on their feet, leaving Lavar with no other option but to lure other players into promoting the Big Baller Brand.

Why the move would make sense for Kyrie

Irving is one of the players who don’t conform to the usual standards. It’s not unusual for the one-time champ to voice his unpopular opinions on many topics. If Irving wants to empower the players, there is no bigger boss move than to join an independent brand. That could be a slap-to-the-face-statement for Nike executives and an attempt to show other players that they have the power to control their future in the NBA.

Kyrie once lambasted Nike’s design of his shoe, but under Lavar Ball, he would have a bigger say on the design and its release and promotions. Irving likes to decide for himself and doesn’t care what other people think. If he decides to jump ship and join Big Baller Brand after his contract with Nike ends, it could start a new trend in the NBA and another chance for Big Baller Brand to deliver its promise to athletes. 

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