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Lamar Odom will fight former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe


Lamar Odom is back - not on the basketball court but inside the boxing ring. After fighting Aaron Carter, Odom wanted to fight Jake Paul but landed a much more serious opponent. He will face former heavyweight champion, Riddick Bowe.

Odom’s second boxing match

Lamar Odom's first fight was versus Aaron Carter last June. The former NBA All-Star quickly dispatched the singer and fans tuned in despite the ridiculousness of the matchup. For one, Odom has a considerable height advantage over Carte. However, unlike the exhibition matches of Youtubers Jake and Logan Paul, the Official Celebrity Boxing has been doing these fights for almost two decades now. 

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The fight is safer because of the shorter match time - it only aims to give entertainment to fans. The fans get a fun experience while the participants earn a quick buck. Unfortunately, L.O. needs these types of fights to make money. It's great to see Odom bounce back from everything he's been through, but this fight is a reminder of how quickly wealth can disappear. It’s nice to see him do things that keep him busy, productive, and in shape. Given this is a celebrity exhibition match, his health shouldn't be at serious risk. That being said, his opponent is no joke.

Riddick Bowe defeated Evander Holyfield

Bowe was a former undisputed champ with a record of 43-1 (1 NC). When compared to Carter, Odom’s opponent this time can be considered an upgrade and dangerous. Riddick once defeated Evander Holyfield. You can see how he did it against one of the all-time greats.

The former champ is 53 now and he only took this match for the quick buck. If this exhibition match happened ten years earlier, Odom would be in serious trouble. Both Bowe and Odom know if they want to be in this industry longer, they need to take it lightly so as not to inflict significant damage to each other. They are both aging and injuries can take longer to heal. For fans interested in watching this spectacle, the rumored pay-per-price could be $29.99 on FITE. 

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