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Lamar Odom shares a wild story about Kevin Garnett: 'He is just extra intense, man'

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Kevin Garnett is one of the most unique personalities we've seen so far in NBA history. Apart from being an unbelievably gifted basketball player, Garnett had a different mentality and mindset than other players, which was also an essential element of his game. So far, we've heard numerous great stories about Garnett's intensity and trash-talking abilities, but the recent one from Lamar Odom might be the best and weirdest of them all.

During his guest appearance on the 'The 85 South Comedy Show', Odom talked about when he was still playing for the early 2000's Clippersqw. They were an athletic, young and talented team led by Lamar Odom, Darius Miles, Quentin Richardson, and Corey Maggette. They were not a terrible team, but it always felt like something was missing on their roster to become a legitimate playoff team. However, they were so fun to watch they even got Garnett excited one game when they played against the Timberwolves, and according to Odom, a little too excited.

So we had Darius Miles, and we had a real athletic team. We was playing the Timberwolves one night, and we was like doing a lot of dunks, you know what I'm saying. We were like really going at them, and KG was like 'ooohhh these young ni**as got my d**k hard.

Lamar Odom, via The 85 South Comedy Show

Garnett had that type of personality that stood out in many ways from all the other players in the NBA, and he used it to his advantage on numerous occasions. Odom remembers Garnett as a competitor against whom you need to bring your A-game if you want to have some chance of beating him and his squad.

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He is just extra intense, man, extra intense. You always had to come with it, had to step it up.

Lamar Odom, via The 85 South Comedy Show

Interestingly enough, Odom also talked about Tracy McGrady's greatness, who was the deadliest scorer in the league during that time. Odom even admitted he would never forget the game in which McGrady scored 47 points on the Clippers, with him being the primary defender.

Tracy McGrady was a dog too. He was tough. He gave me like 47, and was a problem.

Lamar Odom, via The 85 South Comedy Show

There is an actual highlight reel about the game Odom was referring to, and it's true, T-Mac scored 47 on the Clippers. The game was from 2001 when he was just 22 years old but already one of the most gifted offensive players in the NBA. McGrady torched the Clippers all game long, but they still managed to win against the Orlando Magic. Nevertheless, it was such a brilliant individual performance even Odom remembers it now 20 years after it happened.

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