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Lamar Odom gets emotional talking about what was it like playing with Kobe Bryant

kobe & odom

Former NBA player Lamar Odom made a guest appearance on the All The Smoke podcast, where he talked about multiple things from his NBA career and personal life. One of the things he touched upon was his relationship with the late great Kobe Bryant, with whom he built a relationship that could be characterized as a true friendship. When Odom was going through difficult times in his life battling addiction while having severe health issues, Kobe showed him ultimate support and helped him in any way he could at that time.

During their time playing together with the Lakers, they had quite a bit of success, and Odom was able to see firsthand throughout those years Kobe's greatness and the hard work he put in to be one of the best players in NBA history. Kobe's mindset was to use his time effectively, having a goal to improve every aspect of his game.

He was trying to be perfect on the court all the time. Even during his little shooting routine, or if he was doing his footwork, he is doing it in a certain way to try to get better and waste no time. He was an incredible dude, and his work ethic in the morning, and I was like, take it easy.

Lamar Odom, via All The Smoke

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Lamar also said he learned a lot by watching Kobe prepare and saying his motivation to be the best version of himself even after winning all the individual and team accomplishments. His mentality was different from other players, and Kobe's firm belief he could be better than Michael Jordan motivated him to constantly work on his craft. According to Odom, Kobe was positive he was better than Mike, and he was obsessed with chasing the same level of greatness ever since he came to the league as a teenager.

I've learned from him just by watching him. He said he was better than Mike. I know he did, he thought it. There isn't too many dudes that play in the NBA, or that is playing ball right now that really mean it, and they are hard thinking I'm better than LeBron James. That is something he chased all his life to be just as good or mentioned with Michael Jordan. His whole frame of mind was different. Forget about the 81 point game, he had 63, and the entire Dallas had 62 in the third quarter. His focus was crazy.

Lamar Odom, via All The Smoke

Odom got really emotional talking about Kobe, and you could see there is an unbreakable bond between the two simply because of all the things they've been through together. They were teammates and friends on their way to two championships, and when Odom had to fight the most critical battle to get his life back in order, Kobe was there by his side, helping him in any way he could. That is an example of great friendship and a bond that will last forever, despite Kobe leaving this planet way too early.


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