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“Lakers fans are working today” — Joe Lacob couldn’t help but take a shot at the Los Angeles Lakers during the Golden State Warriors parade

Until the Lakers start spending money on their team, Lacob will throw the same jab at them every time.
Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob

Joe Lacob

Even after winning his fourth title as the owner of one of the wealthiest sports organizations in the world, Joe Lacob couldn’t help but still think about the Los Angeles Lakers during his team’s celebratory parade on Monday.

Lacob, who has frequently thrown shade at the Lakers, was seen holding a sign that read, “Lakers fans are working today.” This is just one of the many shots Lacob has fired at the Lakers over the past couple of seasons.

What’s Lacob’s deal?

Lacob hasn’t gone on the record to talk about why he seems to loathe the Lakers so much, but it’s pretty obvious based on all the shade he’s thrown over the past couple of years. This season, Lacob went on the record to poke fun at the Lakers for not only building a veteran-laden roster but also not going over the luxury tax to build a title-contending team.

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There are a couple of teams, I’m not going to say who, there are some other teams that went all-in on older players,” Lacob said.And older players do get injured. That’s the thing you have to remember. Suppose we had made a trade, traded away all our youth, for I don’t know, you name the guy, and they’re injured, out for the year. Anytime you’re over 30, 32, 35, these people get injured,” Lacob added, which was an obvious shot at the Lakers.

“We’re always assessing,” Lacob said. “We wouldn’t spend that kind of money on the roster if we didn’t think we had a chance to win. When you do think you have a chance to go far and compete for a championship, our belief is we are going to do everything we can, use every last dollar. A lot of teams can’t do that or won’t do that, I guess Lacob concluded.

In fairness to Lacob, he has the right to brag about his Warriors because everything he said was indeed true and the reason why the organization secured their seventh championship. That’s earned arrogance.

The Warriors did their responsibility of going all out with their expenses and even over the luxury tax to build a competitive roster that consists of young and hungry players around their core.

Jeanie Buss should take this personally.

It’ll be interesting to see how Jeanie Buss and the Lakers respond. The rivalry between the Lakers and the Warriors isn’t as storied as it is between the Lakers and the Celtics. But if Lacob is calling out the purple and gold like this, then maybe Buss should take this a little more personally.

Can Buss and her front office build a roster that dethrones the reigning champions? We’ll find out in the next few weeks. But for now, it’s only right that Lacob gets the last laugh. 

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