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Kyrie Irving won't play again unless traded


The 2021/2022 NBA season has been pretty exciting and interesting, but one of the most glaring things missing has been Kyrie Irving. The 29-year old point guard is one of the flashiest players in the NBA, but unfortunately, due to social circumstances and political mandates, we are unable to watch Irving play this season. And the return isn't looking likely.

The question mark over the Brooklyn Nets

Coming into the season, it was hard to say any team has more talent than the Brooklyn Nets. A superstar trio of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, along with a deep and quality supporting cast, looked like the recipe for storming to the championship. But like always, things don't work out perfectly as they look on paper.

The main story and drama that has been hovering around Kyrie and the Nets are the vaccination status of the star point guard. The state of New York has issued a mandate that requires getting the shot in order to enter certain facilities, like the Barclays Center. That obviously means Kyrie can't practice or play home games, but the Nets organization simply decided to sit him out completely. It's only logical as the team couldn't function properly in that type of arrangement.

Nets fans hoped Kyrie would have a change of heart or be convinced by his good friend KD to get the shot, allowing the Nets to play in all of their power. But here we are, two months since this story started trending, and there is no progress. Kyrie is not with the team, and the return is looking unlikely, as neither the state of New York nor Kyrie will make the first move.

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What's next for Kyrie and the Nets?

Kyrie has got his morals and beliefs, and you have to respect him for standing by it, despite losing out on substantial amounts of money. But the Nets are still playing and trying to win a championship. They would benefit greatly from Irving suiting up, but that isn't looking likely, as Shams Charania told us on the Pat McAfee Show:

"Kyrie Irving is nowhere closer to getting the vaccine and he's not gonna play basketball unless he gets traded. Because unless the Nets come up someday and say, 'fine, we're gonna let you play road games, we're gonna let you practice at home, we're changing our stance.' Or unless Kyrie Irving decides to get the shot [he won't play]," 

Shams Charania, 

"Kyrie Irving is nowhere closer to getting the vaccine & he's not gonna play basketball unless he gets traded"

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) December 2, 2021

">The Pat McAfee Show

It is obvious Kyrie won't play this season, at least for the Brooklyn Nets. So what should the Nets do? As much as breaking up such an elite trio hurts, that is the only solution. The Nets are still at the top of the Eastern Conference with a 15-6 record, which speaks volumes of their talent. Durant and Harden have been able to keep them at the top, despite struggling with injuries and problems even outside of the Kyrie situation.

But if they want to establish their place among the elite contenders like the Warriors or the Suns, they will need to make a move. I'm sure you can find interested trade partners, despite Kyrie's unpredictableness. A player of such caliber isn't often on the block, and the Nets should explore their options. One thing is for sure. They definitely have more leverage with Kyrie than the Sixers with Ben Simmons and his trade value.

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